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I was at the Emergency Department today..

Posted by aasalina on November 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Because… that is where my clinical placement for the day was. Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Trauma shows? Where Dr. Shepard & Dr. Bailey screams” I need a BOLUS STAT. We need blood now!!”  Well.. it is nothing like that but I am glad. The tasks and roles are very random and it is something that requires a lot of flexibility. I honestly didn;t dOn Wednesdays & Thursdays I have to wake up by 5:10 AM to get ready for my clinical shift, power through with some green juice to wake me up. Is it worth it? I think it actually is.

My nurse wasn’t here Wednesday so my professor sent me to the emergency room for the day oh was it an experience. It is definitely a different kind of nursing but fun!  I like that the whole healthcare team are all in one place communicating.. I am still adjusting to this clinical placement because ECMC usually have patients with multiple commorbidites . A mix of medical and psychological conditions so someone could be laughing at me, then the next time I enter the room a patient is trying to shoo me away, yelling at me . I jogged all the stress of the same day and passed by this in the Ellicott Area.


Besides being shooed away, I got inducted to Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society. Hard work can pay off but I truly learned it’s not about yourgrades but it’s how you can apply your knowledge and skills especially in my field.  


Too many events going on this weekend my club is running a food and hygiene drive which I highly suggest for anyone interested to donate. I also rolled about.. 200 Spring rolls or they are also called Lumpia! It is this ground chicken mixed with seasonings and spices such as pepper, fish sauce, hoisin, grinded carrots, green onions, Special seasoning can’t mention… MSG (?) Because in less than two weeks it is Filipino American Student Association Barrio Fiesta play. This club is near and dear to me and always felt like home.It was my first UB Club that I joined . I still can’t fathom that after this year I won’t be able to enjoy the fun monday meetings but will be working as a professional instead.


We just rolled 200 spring rolls

I am trying to enjoy as much of my college as I can. A recent UB grad mentioned to me that  college is the only time where opportunities socially, academically and professionally everything is thrown and offered at you. Take advantage of it while it lasts!! Time to leave capen!









Hello world!

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