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I am thankful for Canada

Posted by aasalina on December 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Mental Health Exam

This week, I had a very unconventional thanksgiving. I needed to get away after a treacherous exam.  I took a leap and rented a low rate airbnb and spent it in Toronto Canada. UB is only about two hours away so I told myself why not? Instead of screaming gobble gobble, and eating dried turkey. I ate banh mi (a famous vietnamese sandwich), lava cake made at a korean shop & soup dumplings at a shanghainese restaurant. How diverse isn’t it?

It was my first airbnb, for audience that might not know it. Its owners of houses who rent their place for a day or so to tourist and guests with a cheaper option than hotel/motel. I was honestly nervous. The directions I got from the airbnb host was “come to the backdoor and put this code *** then you enter to room #5” I had no idea if this was going to be a reliable option but it turned out to be the best and cheap! I stayed at the vicinity of Chinatown Toronto which are close to University of Toronto & Nightlife toronto.


Soup Dumplings!

In Buffalo I am so used to the mediocre pace of people just casually walking, but in Toronto it feels like flashbacks from New York City. You are walking fast, driving crazily and at the end find parking nowhere. Hobos asking for money and people you think are hobos but actually just have crazy hairdo-s.

I think it’s a great idea for things to be unplanned, to arrive in places where we feel uncomfortable and  to experience the unknown. This trip was definitely a learning experience. Next time however I will definitely spend my thanksgiving with my family. Thank you Canada.


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