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Student Capabilities: UBSchoolfOfNursing Mannequin Challenge

Posted by aasalina on December 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

As a student, we really do have the power to bring  our ideas into actions; if we work hard and persevere. As a president of my club (multicultural nursing sa), I thought of multiple events that I found could be helpful for my student body. I asked one of my summer nursing internship supervisors to speak to nursing students about internships and applying for a  new job as a nurse. It was the first time it was ever held in my school and I am so proud that something I envisioned this summer actually happened and benefitted multiple students!

After this workshop, I helped organize my school’s mannequin challenge which had more than 700 likes. This was just a funny idea during lunchtime that actually came into reality

I hope this inspires you to bring your ideas into concrete reality as it is never too late!

We couldn’t have the music due to copyright issues. The facebook link should be in school of nursing page





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