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I went back where I came from… Philippines

Posted by aasalina on February 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

About 8 years ago my  whole family left the Philippines. We took the leap of moving to America all together to chase the cliche immigrant “American Dream”

Knowing your roots is important. Knowing your history, your upbringing makes you the person who you are today.  After 8 long years of adjusting to American living. I finally came back to the Philippines. It was such a long needed and refreshing experience.

I only had 7 days so I made each day more than worth it. Here are some of my wonderful experiences.

I experienced my first free fall superman where your whole body gets dropped in the air! So many people backed out but your fee will still be charged so I did not want to waste my money

New Year in the Philippines is lively. You play fireworks outside and there are common  myths and sayings of the elderly. Some are to jump so that you grow up an inch, wear polka dots means good luck, buy  circular fruits at your dinner table for wealth.

Lastly, I met up with my childhood friends and had a mini reunion! We used to just play carelessly with fake paper guns and colored chalks on the blackboard. Now I am proud to say my grade school friends are current and future doctors, chefs, pharmacists, medical technologists, nurses, engineers, lawyer and more!

Sometimes I wonder what my life could have been if I stayed in the Philippines. Would I be happier while my family worried about finances everyday? or here in New York where most of your relatives are in distance and your career is the sole focused. Both way of living are different but I can conclude that SIMPLICITY WINS

As to where I am standing now I am very lucky, #blessed, fortunate that we got out of  median income poverty. Back then we used to share one piece of chicken, dried fish. Anything in the table we ate to survive.  But I think the image of American Dream to me is gone now. As I came back I  treasured the value of family,  happiness and simplicity of living.

I suggest anyone to travel especially in third world countries. Its in these places where you will realize that MONEY cannot BUY HAPPINESS. 

Philippines I will come back soon for you and I promise I will give back.


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