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For one night I was given the chance to become a bird (International Fiesta 2nd Place)

Posted by aasalina on April 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

I thought I was making my life a  social joke when I signed up to dance and compete again for International Fiesta, but ironically I found our dance practices to be stress- relieving. I found it to be an escape to all the multiple commitments I have as a student. It allowed me to breathe and explore another aspect of student life not many people have the opportunity to experience. The past years as part of the Filipino American Student Association, I am very lucky to end it on a positive note winning a trophy. The month of January and February were probably one of the most stressful weeks of my undergraduate career. In one week I had to make it to my job, wake up early for my clinicals dealing with patients who have poor medical diagnoses and outcomes, organizing my club, attending  nursing classes, research intervention on saturday afternoon, an exam a day after rehearsals while trying to balance eating healthy and working out.  Was it worth it?

EVERY Second was WORTH IT. Becoming a part of Filipino American Student Association has allowed me to understand my potential as a leader. My past positions as cultural chair and secretary have taught me to be resilient in strenuous times. It has allowed me to find myself, challenge my stress levels and become resilient.Joining  a club at UB really grounds you to have a sense of community. Participating in their events such as International Fiesta creates a stronger bond and connection with the members of the club. The feeling of 7 minutes on the stage just fades away quickly.  I have to admit I made a minimal mistake during the real performance but pouring out your love for the team and culture is what matters

Each club worked very hard. The north campus classrooms and hallways became a dance studio at night that ends until 2 AM or even 3 AM sometimes..Carrying benches, putting props in my car, breaking fake wings and sacrificing sleep. It’s always going to be worth it. I’ve had the opportunity to become closer to many people and have seen so many people grow from this experience. I got to drive freshman students back to south campus at night reminiscing the times when I was a freshman and upperclassmen would drive me to my dorm. College is only once, so don’t’ focus on your academics too much. Because those are not the memories you will remember but the other times you did something else besides studying. I am not going to lie that I did cry when they announced our club name.

International Fiesta  is one event that makes me proud how much University at Buffalo promotes and appreciates
diversity. Multiple cultural clubs from different ethnicities, backgrounds.Noting that  more than half of our performers is not  Filipino (inclusivity).  To any students that is considering of performing for International Fiesta, don’t be afraid and just do it!


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