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SUNY Chancellor’s Award Post Thoughts

Posted by aasalina on May 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

This past April , I visited Albany for the SUNY Chancellor’s Award. 250 students with proud family members as each name were called. Personally,  it meant more than an award,  it was a ceremony that inspired and verified all of the hard work that I and other students have worked for. There are currently 250,000 SUNY students and 250 students were chosen to be there that day estimating as Nancy Zimpher mentioned “You are the  0.6 %”

As a Filipino immigrant here in the United States,  and coming from a highschool that didn’t really encourage students to attend a SUNY school. It was more than an award, it was a motivation and verification from the past years of serving and working hard as a student. SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher mentioned along the lines of “You are  the leaders of tomorrow, you will be the changes  of the world and you are considered the best of the best, your peers will count on you.” When I heard this, I almost wanted to tear (lol). It is because of all the hardships and days that sometimes I became frustrated of all the commitments I took as an undergraduate or when my leadership or service didn’t go as planned as I would have liked it.

That day felt like I made it and I have really made my parents proud. Immigrating here to America about 8 years ago from a rural farm in the Philippines is not easy. I would have never imagined I would be standing that day especially in New York.  I saw from my parents expression how proud they are as they have traveled three hours away and off work just to see me receive an award. I look back and realize how much  of what my parents have sacrificed to have this  kind of great education.

It inspires me to continue making a difference or keep striving for goodness. If you really love what you do, the awards wouldn’t start to matter but it is about the impact you make to the people around you. Thank you SUNY! #SUNYSTANDS

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