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How to be the perfect 4.0, fit and healthy student!

Posted by aasalina on May 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

In this blog post I will give you the perfect cocktail, recipe, instrument, instructions on how to become the best 4.0 amazing student. Joke. I am graduating in a few days and I still don’t know what’s best for me or the best way to study. But I do know that I make sure to take care of myself and sometimes that produces the best outcome.

When I hear about students speech and instagram post about the “all nighters, dominos pizza, eating chocolate was all worth it.” I semi-cringe, because in honesty I believe in TRUE BALANCE.  No one’s gonna die or you’re not gonna save the world if you don’t reply to an eboard concern, class project or a professor’s email. I have classmates who studies the whole week and never picked up a weight, ate healthily or did something to take care of themselves besides netflix and chill. Note: I do think netflix days are important and prime but SELF-CARE is more important.

Here are some tips I have done during my time here at UB with all the included photos of the locations!


1) Mindfulness

I have multiple apps on my phone such as mindfulness when I need a breather from studying. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I play a mindfulness based meditation to let me breathe or even between studying. This allows me to think about the moment, not my current project or fear of failing nursing school!


2) Enjoying UB’s nature such as Baird Point

As paradoxically as people say about the cold winter at Buffalo, There are beautiful nature spots  here  at Buffalo that you can’t find in places like New York City (Which half of UB students are from) p.s: Don’t mind the geese!


3)Jogging at Ellicott Creek Trail

Every finals week, I tend to visit this place and enjoy the sunset. There were past moments that I felt like zen here as I jogged. When the sunset, birds chirping and the fresh air all synced in at once to me, I would feel infinite.


4)Working out (Running, Yoga, Stretches, Powerlifting, UB Workout Classes)

I do practice yoga and just youtube search “five minute yoga, stress relief yoga, study break yoga” Trust me the saving grace of five minutes of self-care will make a difference and can energize you to study 4 more hours with a proper mindset. Along with weightlifting, I enrolled in a High Intensity Interval Training class this semester which I also enjoyed so much.


5)Joining an organization,church etc

When school isn’t the best, a support system is great. UB has 150+ clubs and organization so see what best fits. Surround yourself with groups that promote positive vibes, who will push and motivate you!


6) Eat Healthy: Meal Prep!

Multiple research studies show that healthy eating produces good brain and memory benefits. During my weightloss journey of freshman year Edgy Veggies was my enemy especially finals week. My brain would always automatically think  “yes sizzles, yes elli, yess hamburger” But I started switching from hot chocolate or coffee in the morning to green tea or from pretzel snacks to the celery and carrots from the Capen Cafe or the new Whispers. Eventually the old habits of unhealthy eating dies with new healthy ways.  Keep trying!


7) BALANCE: You don’t have to say yes to everything but make sure to do what you love, take care of yourself and that will produce better grades and outcomes. Do what works for you but making sure you take care of yourself in the process.

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