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New plans already?

Posted by bostonki on October 9, 2017 in travel

Hi guys!  Sorry about the two-week wait for a new blog post.

Life has been absolutely nuts between classes, lab time, work, club and volunteer commitments, and trying to have a basic Fall experience (apple picking, festivals, Halloween movies, Haunted Hayrides and Haunted Houses.. I need a vacation exclusively for fall activities!).  But what I want to talk about this week isn’t Australia, but some newer, just-as-exciting plans I have in the works for next fall.

I have been back from Planet Irwin for three months and I’m already itching for another adventure.  I’m planning a hopeful one-day trip to New York around finals week because the City at Christmas has been on my bucket list forever, and Mike and I are thinking about going to Boston next summer (har har).  Those are just placations.  I wanted another international experience, which I briefly considered, until I remembered about something I was really enthusiastic about in high school.

The Disney College Program (got any connections THERE, Mr. Mike??).  I’ve decided at this point I’m really tired of being a student and could use a break, especially since I plan on starting graduate school right after graduation.  Also, DISNEY.  So, I am going to apply when applications come out at the end of January.  But..  Disney World or Disneyland?

My family and I have been there eight times, if I’m counting correctly.  I’m a part of the World’s fandom and know the place like the back of my hand.  A lot of cool stuff will be open by next fall, including Toy Story Land.  And a lot has opened since my last visit in May of 2016, like Pandora land, the new Soarin (which debuted less than two weeks after we left, grr), etc.  As an added bonus, Harry Potter land is a twenty minute drive down the road and I still haven’t seen their expanded section, or had a butterbeer since June 2012.

I’ve never been to Disneyland.  My parents are under the impression that it sucks and all that, but it doesn’t sound bad at all.  I’ve heard Disneyland Park is very intimate, plus there are spaces like New Orleans Square that the Magic Kingdom doesn’t have.  Plus, there’s Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure.  It’s much smaller geographically but this is where it all began!  I hope it has the same Disney maagic vibe that I got growing up on Disney World.  The added bonus here is Southern California.  A couple of layovers in LAX in my lifetime does not equate to being in the city.  Though one of my favorite cities, San Francisco, is a six hour drive north, there’s plenty of bucket list items in South Cali.  The Hollywood Sign hike, Stars, Chinese Theatre, Sunset Boulevard, beaches (if I’m feeling it), the San Diego Zoo, free TV tapings (helloooo, Ellen!), and the list goes on.  Go to UCLA for a cheesy sweatshirt (like I want to do at Harvard).

No matter which location I decide to go, I’d definitely take my car.  When I told my parents initially under the assumption I was going to Florida, my dad perked up and seemed excited about taking my car?  But to Cali?  That’s a no-go.  Well why not?  I could make a whole map of places to stop and see.  You take your time.  My Google Map search automatically took me through Chicago, Denver, and Vegas.  At that point, the Grand Canyon is just a short jaunt away.

Terrifying, yes.

But the question remains, Florida or Cali?  I might already know which one I’m leaning towards.


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