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20 Completely and Utterly Free Things to Do in Manhattan

Posted by bostonki on November 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

In spirit of my upcoming trip to New York (yes.. AGAIN), I have compiled this list of actual free things to do in Manhattan. Hotels and transportation are already expensive enough (trust me, try finding a cheap way to get there on a college budget and with everybody basically poking holes in your plan to drive.  You’ll see it’s not easy).

DISCLAIMER: Subway fares = not free.

DISCLAIMER #2: If you actually live there you probably can think of 500 free things, but New York is a vacation destination to us poor Buffalonains, so bear with me for the touristy stuff, OK?

  1. Visiting Central Park, especially the Imagine tribute.
  2. Hanging around by the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (SO EXCITED).
  3. Literally just walking anywhere in Manhattan.  It’s only 2.3 miles wide and 13.4 miles long at its’ max.
  4. Times Square.
  5. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.
  6. Every single talk show in existence almost.  Seth Meyers.  Jimmy Fallon.  GMA.  Today Show.  Tickets are actually free but you either have to sell your soul or spend your morning waiting in line.
  7. Visit the American Girl Store.  Relive your doll-filled childhood.
  8. Visit FAO Schwartz (where the rich people shop for their kids) and dance around on the life-sized piano.
  9. Hang out in Battery Park and watch the Staten Island ferry go by, and get great views of the Statue of Liberty.
  10. Chinatown.  It’s a destination within itself.
  11. The High Line.
  12. Visit the New York Public Library at 42nd and Bryant.  The building is beautifulll
  13. Grand Central Station.  There’s actually a room that’s built so if you stand in one corner and whisper into the wall, the person in the other corner can hear you clear as day.  Weirdest thing ever.  Don’t ask me where it is.  The place is a maze.
  14. The Met.  12789147194 days worth of art in there, and it’s technically free since admission is by donation.
  15. The MoMA.  This one is really free for students in SUNY/CUNY schools.  No charge to see canvases like this? SCORE!  Just kidding, I love art.The worst part is that people are actually standing around trying to analyze this.
  16. 9/11 Memorial, NOT the museum.  Imagine paying (ouch) to see artifacts from this day (ouch).
  17. African Burial Ground in Lower Manhattan, where in 1991 they uncovered a grave of former slaves.
  18. Fashion Institute of Technology Museum.  I bet my old Fashion in the Modern West prof would like that.
  19. New York Earth Room.
  20. Federal Reserve Bank with a sneak peek of tons of gold underground.  You’d be foolish to try and rob it, the place is like Gringotts minus the dragon.

Free stuff in New York has me like

Any other suggestions??


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