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The Buffalo Experience

Posted by caaponte on February 13, 2017 in Buffalo

I remember feeling guilty so guilty as I approached my first Thursday concert at Canalside. Less than 30 minutes away, every Thursday, was a free concert. Going into my sophomore year, I thought I at least had a pretty good idea of what it was like to live in Buffalo but apparently I was all wrong.

First off, if you’re planning on going to a chain restaurant for dinner, think again. Buffalo is home to a number of unique, diverse places to go out and eat. Buffalo gets the idea that it isn’t just about the food..but it is also about the experience as a whole.


If you’re looking to try a new burger..try Grover’s.


If you’re looking to go out and watch the game…head to the 716.


If you’re a cheese-fanatic…bring your friends to Chef’s.


If it’s the time of the week for tacos…La Casa Azul will be the place to go.


If you’re looking for quality breakfast and a nice cup of coffee…check out Sophia’s.


If you need your fill of chocolate…The Chocolate Bar is here to satisfy your craving.


If you can’t find parking for the Sabres game…park at the casino nearby (for free I should add).


If spring has begun and you’re still feeling the freshman fifteen as you’re about to finish your junior year…go online to see the free classes Canalside offers throughout the week (Zumba included).


AND if you have never been…one of the 7 wonders of the World is practically right around the corner and across the Peace Bridge. Even in the winter, as I have included, Niagara Falls is absolutely beautiful.


So for those of you who were like me and lived on campus, I advise you to spend one night every week/month/semester trying something new at a place unique to Buffalo. That way, upon graduation, you can honestly say you have truly experienced Buffalo (and four of its winters).