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I am the Bahama Mama

Posted by caaponte on March 27, 2018 in Reflection, Senior Year, Uncategorized

My favorite thing in the world is watching the sunrise and the sunset with people close to me.

Be quick about it – just like Robert Frost said, “Nothing gold can stay.” The majestic nature of both the sunrise and the sunset are so beautiful that it is impossible for them to last longer than a few minutes. The small portion of the day that they reveal themselves is what makes them so special.


Suggestions for Vegas

Posted by caaponte on April 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

As a predental student, my life essentially revolves around school and studying and resume building but as of recently I have been trying to do things more to build myself as a person and not just what “looks good” written in black and white. So I hope that my blog mirrors that and is not just about school. Because although important, we are more than what is on the syllabus right?

At the end of the semester, my family is going to Las Vegas. (About as far away from a academic-related blog I could go, am I right?) My father’s girlfriend has tons of family from there so I am looking forward to meeting them and exploring Vegas for the first time. They have a dental school there I’d also like to check out (quick academic-related addition) and of course exercise my right as a newly 21-year-old in the United States of America.

Any restaurants/ foods/ places I should visit/try? With a newly purchased GoPro, I am looking for just about any excuse to use it. In my free time, I edit videos and add music and effects to remember each trip in a different way than just through photos. Photos can say 1000 words but I think videos can leave you without words. Far greater of an effect.

We leave a week after the semester ends and so I will spend that time looking up where we should go but I will love to be surrounded by the mountains once again (missing the Andes Mountains in Chile always). Hikes will be planned, the Hoover Dam will be visited, shows will be watched, money will be gained in the casinos (hopefully), and of course, I would love to share a “Cheers” with my dad.


Wear Your Stretchy Pants to the Dinner Table

Posted by caaponte on November 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Let’s talk about the pros and cons about Fall semester. We all arrive back to Buffalo after over 3 months apart and can testify to the fact that Buffalo DOES have its sunny days. However, we are victims to a semester that gives us one day off between the beginning of the semester and Thanksgiving break.

As a freshman, it felt like a lifetime waiting for a taste of my grandmother’s Puerto Rican rice. As a sophomore, I broke my phone right before break and was actually relieved to how much more time I had without so many distractions.

As a junior, I can’t say I’m hoping my phone will break again but I can say that I try to enjoy the little things as I push through what is known to be the more difficult year of the college career. Like when your favorite song comes on Spotify and you didn’t even have to buy Premium in order to choose it. Or when you pop into the Honors College lounge and find yourself a blueberry scone. Nothing like a quick sip of tea paired with a scone from the Honors College Elevenses to serve as a pick-me-up.

I can’t say I hope to break my phone again in order to force myself to sit down and study (…should I?). I am more focused on how to get the most out of the 3 days we are given for Thanksgiving break.

We go home for an extended weekend and all of a sudden you have family asking how you’ve been, friends from high school trying to find a day to catch up, hair that is screaming for a haircut, sleep that needs catching up, and a Thanksgiving turkey that you have been thinking about for months (or since last year if you’re anything like me).

So, how do you decide what to do with your newfound free time? Don’t lie to yourself and act like finals aren’t just around the corner. Any college student knows that if you are unprepared, finals will slap you in the face and remind you who is boss. With this in mind, that does not mean I will ignore my family and friends, lock myself in my room, and study all break. Nor should you. You will find me working all weekend in order to afford the time off next week. My sister recently moved to Charlotte, NC and if I had to choose between spending time with her or diving into my Clinical Immunology textbook, the answer will always be my sister. Life is too unpredictable to not put aside time for family and friends.

Take away message: Be prepared to laugh at all of Uncle Dan’s jokes.