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Open Dance Classes Fall 2017

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Just added for fall: open registration dance courses for undergraduates in any major outside of the Theatre & Dance department; no prior experience is required. All courses are 3 credits. DAC 116, DAC 118, and DAC 455 are studio courses and involve technique training. DAC 104 is a lecture based class (no movement) in the Spectacular Worlds pathway.

For questions about the classes or registration email Katie Mallinson at

Studio Courses: 

DAC 116: Ballet Technique 1 (24508)

Tues./Thurs. 8:00am-9:20am

3 credits

No prior experience necessary


DAC 118: Jazz Dance Technique 1 (24510)

Tues./Thurs, 8:00am-9:20am

3 credits

No prior experience necessary


DAC 455: Special Topics in Survey of African American Dance from West African to Hip Hop (24488)

Tues./Thurs. 3:30pm-4:50pm

3 credits

No prior experience necessary


Lecture Course (not studio class):

DAC 104: Appreciating Dance (24509)

Tues/Thurs. 3:30-4:50pm

3 credits

Level 1: Spectacular Worlds Pathway


Student Research Symposium: Reflections of Life at the Forefront of Nanotechnology July 22

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Student Research Symposium: Reflections on Life at the Forefront of Nanotechnology

Saturday July 22nd, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Agrusa Auditorium, Davis Hall, UB North Campus

Chair: Jonathan Bird, Electrical Engineering, UB


Join us on Saturday July 22nd for a one day workshop on some of the critical

issues currently facing researchers in the fields of electronics and photonics.



  • Keynote presentations by scientific leaders from around the globe

speakers will discuss the scientific issues at the core of their research and reflect

on their careers in science, as well as the pathways which led them to their

current positions.

  • Student research poster competition – an opportunity to describe the

results of your research to your peers and to leaders in your field. Cash prizes will

be awarded for the best posters.

  • Lunch with the leaders – make a one-on-one connection with our experts and

ask your questions on research and life as a scientist.

  • Evening reception – a chance to wrap up and reflect on the day with your



Participation in this event is free but advance registration (no later than June 15th) is

required. You can register by submitting an email to Jonathan Bird (,

at which time you should also indicate the title of any poster that you will present (note

that presentation of a poster is not a prerequisite for attendance at the workshop).





Summer Internship Programs in Washington, D.C.

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Technology and Societal Change: What Leaders of Tomorrow Need to Know Today
Heinz College of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University – Washington DC
July 21 – 23, 2017

Global Leaders Forum: World Affairs and the Changing Landscape
Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service – Washington DC
Georgetown University, McCourt School of Public Policy – Washington DC
August 4 – 6, 2017

PPIA 15th Annual PPIA Graduate School and Career Fair

Held in the nation’s capital, the PPIA Public Service EXPO serves as a creative commons for prospective applicants to public policy and international affairs schools, for individuals seeking public service careers and internships, and for strengthening a community of high-impact individuals.

DATE: Friday, July 14, 2017
TIME: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
WHERE: Marvin Center, The George Washington University
COST: Free to attend!
Public Service Expo Attendee Registration – Now Open


Research Opportunity in Child Health and Behavior Lab

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The Child Health and Behavior Lab (HABLAB) at the University of Buffalo is looking for undergraduate students to assist with research studies during the Fall 2017 semester. These research experiences would be under the leadership of Dr. Stephanie Anzman-Frasca, who conducts laboratory- and community-based studies in the area of children’s eating behavior and obesity prevention. More information about Dr. Anzman-Frasca’s work is available here:

Responsibilities of student research assistants will include: assisting with material preparation, entering data, screening potential participants for inclusion in studies, and helping staff in the implementation of the study design. It is anticipated that students will have the opportunity to work directly with participants, including parents and young children, in laboratory studies. Students may be asked to commit to evenings or weekends to work with participants; however, we are also looking for students who are available during mornings/afternoons. All incoming research assistants must be able to commit to at least 10 hours of research per week for at least two semesters.

Interested students can apply by submitting an application and a resume to, using “Student research assistant application” as the subject of the email. Applications may be downloaded at We will review applications this summer with interviews planned for August 2017.


Mental Health First Aid Training

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 Friends of Night People is hosting a Mental Health First Aid Training at our facility on June 26th and 27th between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.  This course is evidence based and presented by  Compeer of Greater Buffalo in collaboration with the  Mental Health Association of Erie County. The course details signs and symptoms of mental health illnesses, diffusion techniques, and an action plan on how to appropriately assist/respond to an individual having a mental health crisis. This course does NOT encourage diagnosing individuals, rather an awareness and elimination of the stigma associated with mental health. This course also results in a certificate upon completion. Please have any students or upcoming students who may be assigned to our organization for their service project e-mail me for more details and the link to register for the course. Their participation in this course is strongly encouraged and I am hoping to have this be a mandatory part of volunteer orientation in the future.

Contact Kristen Yansick if interested!


Computer Security and Information Assurance Scholarships

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A Great Opportunity for Scholarships in Computer Security and Information Assurance for students joining the Masters Degree Program Students could compete for Computer Security and Information Assurance scholarships being offered by the U.S. Department of Defense (Information Assurance Scholarship Program.

The Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education at UB (CAEIAE@Buffalo) announces a great opportunity for Education and Employment at various federal agencies. The goal of these scholarship programs is to support the development of computer security and information assurance specialists within the government. Students who are at the senior level in academic disciplines such as Mathematics, Biometrics, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Computer Support, Database Administration, Computer Systems Analysis, Operations Research, Information Security (Assurance), and Business Management or Administration, with specialization in information assurance are considered. Applicants should be citizens of United States. The scholarship pays for the full cost of tuition, fees, books and a laptop.

The DoD scholarship carries an additional stipend of $30,000 for graduate students. The DoD award announcements will be made in July 2017. You may note that 9 students have gone through the DoD program During 2003-2013. Application Deadline: May 22, 2017 for the DoD scholarship. Application process is described at the Center’s website <>.

Send your intent to apply to the Point of Contact listed on the webpage.


UBAA Scholarship applications are being accepted now!

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The UBAA scholarship applications are being accepted!

The J. Scott Fleming Merit Award – This award recognizes student leaders who are involved on campus and promote student involvement of any kind whether it is through volunteering, being a part of a club or promoting your units functions.

The UBAA Alumnae Scholarship – This scholarship is for female students who demonstrate engagement and leadership at UB.

The Willie R. Evans Legacy Scholarship – This scholarship is for students whose parents or grandparents are graduates of UB.

Students can apply for one or all of them at  The deadline for applications is June 30th.


SW 401C Crossing Borders: Human Rights Issues from U.S. and Mexican Perspectives (online)

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SW 401C Crossing Borders: Human Rights Issues from U.S. and Mexican Perspectives (online) Registration #24250

Dates: August 28 – December 8, 2017

Instructor: Filomena Critelli


Course Description:

This interdisciplinary course examines human rights in the U.S and Mexico, focusing on issues that cut across our nations and cultures including but not limited to the rights of children; gender; the rights of persons with disabilities; as well as labor and economic justice and migration and immigrant rights. Case law, case studies and international human rights conventions will be analyzed through the lens of law and social work. The course includes several globally networked sessions where law and social work students and faculty from Buffalo and Mexico meet in real time for exchanges and joint learning opportunities.


SW 401B Social Media and Social Change

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SW 401B Social Media and Social Change Registration #23711

Dates: August 28 – December 8, 2017

Location: 248 Cooke Hall, North Campus


Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with social media and social networking as they influence community change. Specifically, students will be introduced to the fundamental terms and concepts of social media and networking, including various interfaces, tools, and platforms that may be leveraged to promote community change and development. Students will also explore existing scholarship and best practices, as well as issues of social justice, trauma and adversity, social disadvantage, and human rights as they apply to the democratization of technology. Students will examine the challenges, opportunities, and future applications of social media and networking related to community change.



SW 401A Special Topics, Community Leadership

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SW 401A Special Topics, Community Leadership

Registration #23710

Dates: August 28 – December 8, 2017

Location: 351 Millard Fillmore Academic Complex, North Campus


Course Description:

This course focuses on development of leadership skills and strategies that foster community engagement and strengthen the natural leadership of residents within communities. Students will examine theories of leadership and the ways in which they influence organizational structures that promote community well-being. Central to this course is the acquisition of strategies that can be used to enhance the development of skills as well as the exercise of leadership by community residents. Likewise, they will explore the mechanisms that support opportunities for collaboration across social, political, legal, and financial systems and the communication patterns that influence success.