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2015-2016 Honors Student Council Elections…Voting Runs from March 31-April 3

Posted by Tim on March 30, 2015 in Community Announcements, Competitions, Honors Student Council

Voting for the 2015-2016 Honors Student Council Officers runs from Tuesday, March 31, 2015 through Friday, April 3, 2015!  Please log on to UBLinked to vote HERE!

Here are the bios for those running…


Devashish Agarwal

The second day I was here at UB, attending the orientation session with all the other international students, I kind of felt lost. I needed some kind of dependable support to lean on till I found my feet here at UB. I just automatically decided to go to a department I had been in close communication with during my preparatory days, the only department I had communicated with over the telephone, the only department that had personally reached out to me: I went to the Honors College. I met with Meg Bragdon, who introduced me to Chris Bragdon, the coordinator of the Orientation. It was Meg at Honors college who opened the door to answers for me. And ever since that day, Honors college has been my family. I live miles away from my family, but I don’t miss them. Honors college is my family and I want to give back to my family. I want to make everyone comfortable the way I was made comfortable. I want to make sure everyone finds their family here the way I did.

I have a personal and emotional bond with Honors College and that would always drive and inspire me to do my best and rise up to the position I’m applying to.

With this in mind, I, Devashish Agarwal, a freshman computer science ‘HoNerd’, would like to put on record my nomination for the President of Honors Student Council for the 2015-2016 academic year.
Sharon Lin

There are many desirable qualities that a president of a club must hold – there’s time management, organization, and enthusiasm, to name a few. However, while everyone knows some desirable qualities for a president, only the ones that truly understand the goals of the organization can carry them forward to bolster the organization to greatness.

Being an active member of Honors Student Council for both my sophomore and junior year, and a co-director of advertising for one year, I have been exposed to the three things that HSC embodies the most – scholarship, leadership, and service. These are qualities that allow honors scholars such as us to achieve our dreams and pursue our passions. I have also been involved in many activities throughout my college career (undergraduate research and American Institute of Chemical Engineers, to name a few), and each one has given me experiences and skills that can surely not just help me, but HSC as well.

Therefore, by becoming President of HSC, I can bring these qualities forward, and by promoting the activities that help create a family of scholars in which each member feels at home, I will be able to truly achieve what HSC strives to promote to each of its members – a community in which every Honors Scholar can feel welcome and motivated to achieve scholarship, leadership, and service.


Kayleigh Reed

I’m writing because I intend to run for HSC Secretary. I am interested in the position because, as a commuter, I know that without the Honors College, I would not feel part of this community of students at all. I have made new friends through the programming and attend as many events as I can. I have no doubt that my communication skills would be useful in shaping HSC and helping it grow into a more integral part of students’ lives.

In addition to my vested interest, I believe I’d make a good candidate because of my commitment to service — I work and volunteer at the Valley Community Center in Buffalo. My majors, English and Classics, also enhance my candidacy because of their emphasis on critical thinking and written expression. As Secretary, I hope to make record-keeping more efficient and easy to access, and help with promoting events.

Meghan Creen

I would like to formally nominate myself for the position of Secretary of Honors Student Council. I believe that my past experiences in positions of leadership and running an organization have prepared me to take on this role. I am able to keep myself, and others, on task and have excellent organizational skills. Even the most difficult personalities pose no challenge when it comes to thinking together and working as a team, which are important aspects of being in a leadership position. I have had many experiences with public speaking, and can communicate to others without difficulty. I believe that my skills and personality will be beneficial to the dynamic of the council. I look forward to working with all members, regardless of position, to continue the dedicated and altruistic work of Honors Student Council.

Jenna Boland

I would like to nominate myself for treasurer for Honors Student Council. I believe that with my talent for math and strong organizational skills, I would be well suited for the position. In high school math was always my favorite subject and in college I plan on incorporating mathematics into my majors, business administration with a concentration in finance and economics. While maintaining a busy course schedule and working a part time job, I have developed strong organizational skills that will help me with this position. If elected, I promise to to be on time and organized regarding all monetary transactions, as well as contribute ideas and thoughts to the council.

Public Service

Makenzie DePetrillo

I would like to nominate myself for the position of Director of Public Service on HSC’s eboard. I think that I would be a good fit for this position because the time I have spent volunteering in Buffalo has been the most rewarding and enjoyable experience of college for me thus far. I think that I would be a good fit for facilitating service events that will provide important help that the city of Buffalo can greatly benefit from, as well as motivating Honors scholars to become more involved within the community. In addition, I have really enjoyed my time in HSC and would love the opportunity to expand my involvement and get to better know my fellow Honors students.


Jacob Schupbach

I would like to take the opportunity to nominate myself for the position of Advertising Director of Honors Student Council. This year I have been acting as the HSC treasurer and would like to transition to a position that better suits my skillset. As a Marketing and Graphic Design dual major, I believe I am fully capable of fulfilling the role as best I can. I have also worked as an HBO campus agent creating brand engagement on campus through event planning and social media marketing. The skills I have learned as a campus agent would be easily applicable to this position and could definitely help HSC as we move forward as a group!


Michael Fiorica

I believe I would be a great Activities Director for our Student Counsel for the following reasons: I am self motivated and always willing to go the extra mile for a project; For example, as a student in Dr. Gardella’s ISEP Seminar I have taken it upon myself to conduct a student survey among the 7th graders at PS 19. I’m an effective interpersonal coordinator with the skills and experience to organize events–I brought together over 50 faculty members and two hundred students in a fundraiser I created at my high school. And finally, I have lots of ideas for Student Counsel Activities, including

1) Lollipop Awards- a time for UB staff and faculty members to recognize the Honors College’s unsung heroes who have impacted their community and their instructors for the better. (Named after Lolliop Moments from Colloquium)

2) Middle School Dance- Themed Dance. The ultimate throwback with American Eagle and the All American Rejects

3) Cook Out and Call- Event for the homeless community in Buffalo, proving food and a phone with numbers to schedule an appointment with a social worker, a counselor, a family member, a shelter, etc.