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Nutrition Minor Information

Posted by Tim on January 27, 2016 in Academics

Nutrition Minor

The minor in nutrition provides undergraduate students with a foundation in human nutrition.  Upon completion of the minor, students should be able to recognize the macronutrients and micronutrients basic chemistry, roles in the body, food sources and recommended intakes, etc.  Given the role that nutrition plays in public health, this minor would complement many majors that currently exist on campus and allow students to explore nutrition in more depth while pursuing other disciplines.

Required Courses: (14 credits)

  • NTR 108 Human Nutrition (3)
  • NTR 109 Nutrition in Practice (3)
  • NTR 110 Nutrition in Practice Lab  (1)
  • NTR 301 Dietary Assessment (1)
  • NTR 401 Nutrition and Health (3)
  • NTR 402 Nutrition in the Lifecycle (3)

Electives: These courses are approved electives (must take 2 courses: 5-6 credits and must have completed the appropriate prerequisite courses where applicable)

BCH 403                              Biochemistry(3)

BIO 201                               Cell Biology (4)

BIO 203                               General Physiology (3)

CHE 201                              Organic Chemistry (3)

ES 428                                  Health Promotion, Prevention, and Wellness (3)

PGY 300                              Human Physiology (3)

PGY 412                              Applied Physiology (2)

PSY 325                               Health Psychology (3)

PSY 404                               Alcohol and Health (3)

Recommended Course Sequence:

First Year

Fall – NTR 108

Spring – NTR 109 & NTR 110

Second Year

Fall – NTR 301

Spring – Elective

Third Year

Fall – NTR 401

Spring –NTR 402


Students MUST submit the supplemental on-line application at

Acceptance criteria include a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 and completion of one full semester at UB prior to applying.  Applications are accepted on an on-going basis but are reviewed once a month.

**Students seeking advisement on the Nutrition minor should contact Pedro Sotelo-Peryea at


Health and Wellness Minor Information

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Health and Wellness Minor

The Health and Wellness minor is an interdisciplinary program that gives students a foundation in the concepts of health promotion and wellness education. Courses in the minor are offered through the departments of Social and Preventive Medicine, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Psychology, Counseling and Educational Psychology, Nursing, and Wellness Education Services (UB experience work). The program will examine theories and research related to health promotion in order to provide a foundation in the concepts of healthy living and prepare students for careers in health and wellness.

Required Courses: (11 credits)

Electives: These courses are approved electives (must take 3 courses)

ES 200                                  Introduction to Human Movement (3)*

NTR 401                              Nutrition and Health (3)

NTR 402                              Nutrition and the Lifecycle (3)

HB 527                                 Study of Health Behaviors (3) or

HB 528                                 The Public Health Practice of Tobacco Control (3) or

SPM 538                              Community Health Assessment and Surveillance (3) **

CEP 401                              Introduction to Counseling (3)

CEP 404                              Introduction to the Rehabilitation of

Substance Abuse and Addiction (3)

PSY 322                               Abnormal Psychology (3)

PSY 325                               Health Psychology (3)

PSY 336                               Developmental Psychology (3)

PSY 404                               Alcohol and Health (3)

PSY 438                               Sport & Exercise Psychology (3)

UBE 496 (WE1)              Special Projects in Wellness (3)***

*  ES students must take a different elective

** Only one 500-level course can be taken for undergraduate credit

*** Must complete ES 102 and UBE 110 (WES) prior to registering for this course

Please Note: Electives can be used to satisfy both major and minor requirements.

Recommended Course Sequence:

First Year

Fall – ES 102  Fundamentals of Wellness (3 cr.)

Spring – UBE 110 Introduction to Peer Education (2 cr.)

Second Year

Fall – UBE 496 (section WE2 or WE 3)

or ES 496 (Section MED) Practicum (at a wellness-oriented site)  (3 cr.)

Spring – elective

Third Year

Fall – Elective

Spring –ES 428 Health Promotion, Prevention & Wellness (3 cr.)

and electives

The Health and Wellness minor includes courses related to prevention, health maintenance and health education, within the context of health and wellness promotion for diverse populations. A variety of issues will be addressed, including obesity, tobacco use, sexual health, violence prevention, alcohol use, exercise and nutrition. The minor requires a practicum experience to provide an opportunity for application of knowledge. These clinical experiences offer emphasis in the areas of: wellness in the campus environment, corporate or community health promotion.


Students MUST submit the supplemental on-line application at

Acceptance criteria include a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and completion of one full semester at UB prior to applying.  Applications are accepted on an on-going basis but are reviewed once a month.

**Students seeking advisement on the Health and Wellness minor should contact Pedro Sotelo-Peryea at


MFC 151 CPR Class for Undergraduates

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Millard Fillmore College

MFC 151: CPR for Health Related Professions-1 credit course
3 different sections, 4 week hybrid course, Room 208 UB Gateway

Students are eligible to enroll in thi8s course prior to the start of each section.

Hands on skills willb e taught in room 208 UB Gateway within the downtown Buffalo/Niagara Medical Campus.  Course will be primarily conducted online and the hands-on skills portion will be conducted with an AHA instructor.  Students who complete all course requirements will receive the following AHA National certifications:

Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
Heartsaver First Aid
Preventing Disease Transmission

All participants are required to pay an online certification fee of $30.00.



UB Career Fair Prep Day February 16

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Make an Impression!

FACT: you get about 20-60 seconds to make an impact on an employer.

Get your resume reviewed and practice what you’ll say during your 60 seconds at CareerFest. The following employers are ready to help you prep:

  • Target
  • Geico
  • People, Inc.
  • The Service Collaborative of WNY
  •  Fetch Logistics 

February 16, 2016
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
259 Capen Hall

How to Register

  1. Login to BullsEye.
  2. Click the “Events” tab.
  3. Click “Workshops and Special Programs.”
  4. Click the “Career Fair Prep Day” event you want.

Select your time slot.


Career Conversations-Buffalo February 10

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It’s just a conversation with a UB Alum who’s been there and done that.

Career Conversations is a Student-Alumni Career Networking Night that is designed to link experienced UB alumni with current UB students and recent graduates who are interested in launching their careers, finding internships, or connecting with a mentor in the Buffalo area.

Alumni from the following organization will be there

  • Aflac
  • M&T Bank
  • The Buffalo News
  • Travelers Insurance
  • AND many more!
  • February 10  | 5:30 p.m. |Center for the Arts on UB’s North Campus
    Get answers to your questions, and make connections with alumni that could potentially be instrumental in your internship/job search at Career Conversations Buffalo!      
  • Register now on BullsEye

Varsity Theatre Grand Opening February 12

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Varsity Theatre Grand Opening
Friday, February 12, 20163:00-6:00 p.m.
3165 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo

Join the owner and President of the Bailey Avenue Business Association, Ibrahim Cisse, the University District Community Development Association, and many other community business, and government partners as the newly renovated Varsity Theatre is opened to the public for the first time in over a decade.  See the historic East Side landmark reimagined as a one-of-a-kind music venue and event space.


Study Abroad Fair February 3 in the Student Union Lobby

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Wednesday, February 3
Student Union Lobby

When will UB Abroad? Discover how you can earn UB credit abroad, learn about 70+ UB programs, meet with UB faculty to learn about their unique faculty-led programs, meet with study abroad alumni to learn about their experiences abroad, gather information on financial aid and available scholarships, and find the program that is right for you!

More information on upcoming events in our office can be found on our website.


Building Relationships Involving Diverse Groups of Engaged Students Accepting Applications

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BRIDGES (Building Relationships Involving Diverse Groups of Engaged Students ) is currently accepting applications from undergraduates who are interested in making new connections with fellow American and international students through participation in a series of 7 interconnected activities during the spring 2016 term. We’re looking for a group of students who want to explore issues of global diversity and community engagement and challenge social barriers. Selected students will participate in a high ropes course, team building and cross-cultural activities, community service and a film screening & discussion. Participants will receive a certificate of completion and Pillars credit towards their co-curricular transcript,

For more information, log into UBLinked and search for Transcending Borders UB. The BRIDGES 2016 application can be found under the FORMS tab. Call Chris Bragdon at 645-2258 or email with questions. Space is limited and applications are due February 10.


Race, Gender and Hollywood InFocus January 29

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Race, Gender & Hollywood InFocus: Who’s represented on screen…and who isn’t?

You are invited to InFocus, a monthly conversation on today’s hot topics.  This month’s conversation will focus on the changing “face” of Hollywood and explore whether or not minorities and women are fairly represented on screen. Andi Coulter, PhD candidate in the Department of English, will moderate the discussion. InFocus is scheduled for Friday, January 29 from 12-1pm in Capen Hall 107.

InFocus is a monthly series of student-orientated, informal conversations on topics that are generating buzz in the classroom, in the residence halls or in the media. Each InFocus program is open to all UB community members and is facilitated by a faculty or staff member with expertise on the topic. Transcending Borders UB/ISSS, the Honors College, and Student Life sponsor InFocus.


Epidemiology and Environmental Health Graduate Program Information Session February 4

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Information Session: Graduate Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health (MS, PhD, MPH)
• Want to make a difference in the world by doing health related work?
• Interested in a health career but the careers you know about aren’t exactly what you most want to do?
• Interested in doing health related research but not sure how to get the training you would need?

Graduate programs, careers and research opportunities in Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Services Administration and Public Health

Meet with faculty and graduate students from UB Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health
Thursday, February 4, 2016
5:00 to 6:30 pm
107 Capen Hall, inside the Silverman Library
UB North Campus
Food will be served

PLEASE RSVP to Karen DeGarmo (

For additional information; or contact Mrs. Karen DeGarmo, Graduate Program Coordinator or (716) 829-5364