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Spring 2017 Law Course with Open Seats for Honors Scholars

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Interested in taking a Law School course?  Check out Telling Stories with Dr. Schlegel!  This has been taught previously as an undergraduate Honors seminar.  Professor Schlegel would like to offer some seats in his graduate Law course to Honors scholars.  The course description is below.  Students interested in enrolling should contact Tim Matthews for the appropriate paperwork at:  Since it is a graduate level course, you can receive Honors experience credit.

Law 683, Telling Stories                                                                                               Schlegel!

M/W 5:30                                                                                                                   Spring 2017

“The legendary Supreme Court litigator John W. Davis once remarked, “A case well stated is a case half won.”  By this, Davis meant that cases are more often won or lost on how well lawyers weave the facts into a compelling story than on how well they articulate the law.  Thus, former students who are, and faculty who were, trial lawyers regularly remind me about the crucial importance in any litigator of the ability to tell a story.

However, stories do not tell themselves, whether they are seen on the page or on the screen.  Stories are shaped by the author, and derivatively by the director.  What that shaping accomplishes is the subject of this course.  Thus, it is designed to improve your ability to tell a story by examining how master storytellers shape their stories.

During the semester we will read three great novels and a good play, chosen because there exist at least two contrasting movie versions of each.  The novels are Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma, all by Jane Austen.  The play, Sabrina Fair by Samuel A. Taylor formed the basis for two movies called Sabrina.  In order for you to have time to read the first novel we will begin the course with two films — Mostly Martha and No Reservations that share a text, though the text is unavailable to me and, in any case, is written in German.  In the third class we will discuss, and thus compare, how each director shapes the implicit story.  Thereafter, we will first discuss how the author shapes the story, and then, after seeing the two film versions, discuss how each director shapes/reshapes the pre-existing story.  Papers will be due throughout the semester.  Initially they will be short analyses of the films and text.  About the middle of the semester the papers will lengthen and shift to the job of shaping the kind of stories that lawyers tell.

One more thing ought to be noted.  I am neither a film scholar nor a literary theorist.  Indeed, I do not enjoy reading either film scholarship or literary theory.  It is as a lawyer/law professor that I have gotten interested in the romantic comedy as an exemplar of the art of storytelling.  If you cannot abide the form, you best not take the course.


Neuroanatomy Winter Intersession 2017

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NEUROANATOMY – Winter Intersession 2017
Registration No. 10142
1 credit –

ES 344: Neuroanatomy I (with clinical cases)

This 1 credit on-line course is designed to provide students with a 3 dimensional appreciation of various neurological structures. The course will use video instructional format of cross-sections, models, and diagrams to identify various neurological structures.  Topics will focus on the external and internal morphology of the brain, brainstem and spinal cord, and the arterial system. 

Once a foundation in Neuroanatomy is established, the course will explore how disruption of key neurological structures lead to specific injury/disease. Clinical Case studies will be specifically selected to enhance the understanding of the role and functional significance of various neuro-anatomical structures.

Neuroanatomy I is a foundation course for all programs in biomedical science, psychology, nursing, and rehabilitation. The course will emphasize a 3-dimensional approach of the human brain and will enable students to navigate and identify structures while also providing clinical relevance and context.

For additional info or help with registration (ANA 407 is not required). Students who have not completed ANA 113 or ES 207, or a basic undergraduate science course, please contact the instructor, Dr. Farkas at:


UB Sustainability Seeking Students for Education and Leadership Fellows in Sustainability (ELFS)

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UB Sustainability is currently accepting applications for student leaders to serve as Education and Leadership Fellows in Sustainability (ELFS) as part of the new UB Champions for Change program. Selected students will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in leadership and project management by working directly with the UB Sustainability Office during spring semester. Fellows will have exclusive access to funding available to support projects, a chance to network with sustainability and leadership professionals, and will also participate in an intensive leadership development retreat and an opportunity to participate in ongoing leadership development workshops throughout the semester. More info, a schedule of spring semester activities, and application form can be found here.

  • Applications are due January 9th and spaces are limited. The application form can be found
  • You can nominate a student by completing this brief form.
  • Please call or email Jess Russell at 829-5725, with questions.
  • Please share with interested students, faculty, and staff as you see fit.   

Mayor Byron Brown’s Urban Fellows Internship Program

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Mayor Byron Brown’s Urban Fellows Internship Program

Seeking the best and brightest to apply to Mayor Byron Brown’s Urban Fellows Internship Program (UFIP). UFIP is designed to introduce our region’s most talented college students and recent graduates to local government and public service, through hands-on practical learning experiences.
This program gives young people an opportunity to work in the fast-paced Division of Citizen Services. During the internship, fellows are able to create new and innovative programs.
Internships are available during both the fall and spring semesters. A summer session is also available.
For more info visit our website:

To be considered for the Urban Fellow program, applicants must submit the following four (4) documents for review:
-Cover letter
-Recent writing sample
-Three (3) references
Please send all materials, via email, to:
Oswaldo Mestre, Director,
Applicants can also mail documents to:
Division of Citizen Services
Urban Fellows Internship Program
218 City Hall, 65 Niagara Square
Buffalo, New York 14202



Graduate Programs in Public Health (MS, PhD, MPH)

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Graduate Programs in Public Health
(MS, PhD, MPH)

  • Want to make a difference in the world by doing health related work?
  • Interested in a health career but the careers you know about aren’t exactly what you most want to do?
  • Interested in doing health related research but not sure how to get the training you would need?


then you need information about:

Graduate and research programs and careers in these Public Health majors:

Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Services Administration

Financial Assistance is Available for Qualified Applicants


The Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health,

UB School of Public Health and Health Professions


Karen DeGarmo, Graduate Program Coordinator (, 716-829-5364

Lina Mu, MD, PhD, Graduate Director for MPH Programs (

Amy Millen, PhD, Graduate Director for MS/PhD Programs (

Pavani Ram, MD, Director of Global Health Programs (

Katia Noyes, PhD, MPH, Director of Health Services Admin. Program (

Xuefeng Ren, MD, PhD, Director of Environmental Health Program (

Lina Mu, MD, PhD, Director of Epidemiology Program (

 For additional information, visit our department web page:


Collegiate Leaders in Environmental Health (CLEH) Summer Program

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Application deadline is 1/27/2017 11:59:00 PM Eastern time zone

A summer environmental internship for undergraduate students is available at the National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (NCEH/ATSDR) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Interns will be placed in environmental health programs at NCEH/ATSDR at CDC’s Chamblee Campus.  Over the course of the summer, interns will be exposed to a broad overview of environmental public health issues at the federal level.

Interns will participate in a comprehensive program including environmental health project assignments, interaction with federal officials and scientists, and visits to important environmental health sites in and around Atlanta. Other activities include “brown-bag” lunches with CDC staff, as well as attending lectures from prominent environmental health leaders in the Atlanta area. In addition, interns will be able to attend the many seminars offered by CDC during the summer. For examples of past CLEH internship projects, please review at


150+ Global Health Fellowship Positions Available NOW!

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Now more than ever, we need committed and empathetic young leaders to drive positive change in the world. Everyone has a role to play in the health equity movement – what’s yours? 150 fellowship positions for the 2017-2018 Global Health Corps (GHC) fellowship class are now open through January 18, 2017!

GHC is recruiting talented young leaders (ages 21-30) who bring a diversity of skills to the field of global health. Through a one year paid fellowship, GHC provides intensive leadership training while fellows work within high impact roles at health-focused partner organizations in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the United States, and Zambia, including:

Social Behavior Change Communication Officer at the Ministry of Health in Kampala, Uganda


Health is a human right, and we’re working to make that a reality. Join our next class of fellows and our nearly 750-strong leadership community worldwide! Applications close January 18, 2017 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting in late-December.

Amgen Scholars Program at Harvard University

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Harvard University is one of ten U.S. institutions that again will be offering a ten-week Amgen Scholars Program in the summer of 2017.  The Harvard-Amgen program, with an emphasis on biotechnology research, affords a diverse cohort of rising undergraduate juniors and seniors the opportunity to work in the laboratories of faculty across the Harvard universe, including the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Division of Medical Sciences at Harvard Medical School. In addition to an engaging, formative research experience, Harvard-Amgen Scholars will live among the 400 undergraduates residents of the Harvard Summer Undergraduate Research Village community in one of the historic Houses along the Charles River.
I would appreciate it if you would forward this message on my behalf to your undergraduate scientists who may be interested in applying, and to faculty who may know talented, promising biotechnology scholars who may value the opportunity spending an amazing summer in Cambridge conducting research in the Harvard-Amgen program. The deadline to submit complete applications is Monday, February 1, 2017.  More information about the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program, including profiles of last years cohort, along with eligibility criteria and instructions to apply may be found here: .  The Amgen Scholars Program website, which includes information about all of the U.S. and international programs available this coming summer may be found here: .  Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at .  With all best wishes for a terrific holiday season,


Summer Research Internship for Minority Students

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We are excited to again offer the Summer Research Internship for Minority Students (SRIMS) program for 2017.  Please encourage undergraduate students of an underrepresented minority group who are interested in biomedical research to apply.

Internship dates are: May 30–July 27.

The deadline for application is February 10. or contact

The program offers stipend, free room and board, travel assistance, graduate education presentations and more.


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Workshops for Juniors

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Would you like to be fully funded for graduate school?  Many students think that they will be “fully funded” throughout their graduate programs but they really have a Teaching Assistantship (TA position) where they are paid to teach 20 hours a week.  A fellowship like the NSF GRFP is truly a fully funded award.

The NSF awards three-year scholarships for graduate study in mathematical, physical, biological, engineering and behavioral and social sciences, including the history of science.  This fellowship carries a stipend of $32,000 per year plus a cost of education allowance to cover tuition and fees for three years.  This is a significant graduate fellowship that affords students the freedom to focus on their research and lessen the time to degree completion.

To qualify, applicants must be US citizens, have US national status or be permanent residents, intend to pursue a research-based Master’s or Ph.D. program in an NSF-supported field. Applications become available in August and the deadlines vary by discipline but are generally due in late October and early November:

To help you prepare a competitive application UB will be hosting a series of NSF GRPF workshops this spring.  Students will learn more about how to apply for the NSF GRFP and other awards, what the review panels are looking for and how to write a strong research proposal.  These sessions will be hosted by the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships along with writing consultant Dr. Jennifer Morrison, who has her PhD in writing and rhetoric.

Sessions will be held on Wednesdays: February 15th, March 1st, March 15th and March 29th.  The sessions will be offered from either 9:00am-10:00am or 3:00pm-4:00pm on each of these days.  Students are required to commit to all 4 sessions which includes beginning preparation of the 3 page past research and personal statement and 2 page research proposal.

To be considered for this program, students must complete the online application by 5pm EST on Monday, January 30th:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Fellowships and Scholarships at