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African Politics Graduate Seminar (Fall 2015) w/Dr. Welch Seeks Honors Student

Posted by Tim on July 14, 2015 in Academics, Honors Experiences, Honors Seminars, Networking

Professor Claude Welch encourages Honors students to enroll in his African Politics Graduate Seminar in the Fall 2015.  Interested students must have Junior standing.  If interested, please email Tim Matthews: to obtain the required paperwork to enroll in the course.  You will receive Honors experience credit for this class.

Course Philosophy and objectives, PSC521, African Politics/*

This seminar introduces politics in the continent of Africa as a whole.

Cultural, economic and historic contexts will be examined, to determine their impact on political attitudes and change. After World War II, and especially in the 1960s, dramatic transformations occurred in Africa, especially sub-Saharan. Another wave of changes rippled through the continent, with the ‘second independence,’ the Arab spring (which started in North Africa) and related shifts.

The point is to share a common learning experience, enriching each other’s’ understandings in discussion and in research. To facilitate your learning, a textbook is available at the University Bookstore: Schraeder, /African Politics and Society/ (2^nd edition). The bulk of the readings can be found on reserve, on the course website via UBLearns, or through Google searches.

The seminar meets Thursdays, 1-3:50 p.m., in 502 Park.