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Summer Language Workshop

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Kurdish (Sorani) – 1st and 2nd year – will be taught at Indiana University, Bloomington, Summer Language Workshop (SWSEEL 2017). Please announce this to your students and colleagues who might be interested.


Kyungpook National University’s Global Summer School Program

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Summer School(English)

The KNU 3-week Global Summer School brings together students and academics from all over the world for a unique intercultural learning experience and special taste of Korean culture. All courses are taught in English, and you will take courses with Korean students as well as other participants from all over the world.


  • The schedule is subject to change.
  • All classes are scheduled in the morning, and all cultural activities are scheduled in the afternoon.

Courses for 2017 KNU Global Summer School

Course Title Credits Time Lecturer Home University
Expressing Modes of Contemporary Art & their Appreciation 3 M-Th, 9-12 FRANCOISE DOCQUIERT Paris 1 pantheon Sorbonne
Understanding of Popular Musics 3 M-Th, 9-12 Anthony Olson Northwest Missouri State University
Artificial Intelligence 3 M-Th, 9-12 Bettina Harriehausen-Muehlbauer Univ. of Applied Science, Darmstadt, Germany
Operating Systems 3 M-Th, 9-12 Peter Peer University of Ljubljana
Electromagnetics Fields1 3 M-Th, 9-12 Mahesh Abegaonkar Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Wireless Network 3 M-Th, 9-12 Paul Doyle Dublin Institute of Technology
Automatic Control 3 M-Th, 9-12 Andrea Bareggi ESME Sudria
Signal and Systems 3 M-Th, 9-12 Wlodzimierz Kasprzak Warsaw University of Technology
Organizational Behavior 3 M-Th, 9-12 Anna Kuzminska University of Warsaw
Business Communication and Writing Skills 3 M-Th, 9-12 Beata Dąbrowska-Janů SGH Warsaw School of Economics
Global Business 3 M-Th, 9-12 Dr. Roland Schmuck University of Pecs
Global Economy 3 M-Th, 9-12 EWA DZIWOK University of Economics in Katowice, Poland
Modern Korean Society 3 M-Th, 9-12 Vincenza D’Urso Ca’ Foscari
Global Communication : Survival Polish and Introduction to Polish Culture 3 M-Th, 9-12 Justyna Zych University of Warsaw
Korean Language 1 3 M-Th, 9-12 Youngmi Kim Kyungpook National Univeristy


All participants will be assigned a double-occupancy room in the KNU on-campus dormitories (2 students per room). Rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, cabinets, desks, chairs, and bookshelves. Breakfast is provided at the dormitory cafeteria.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition USD300 Waived for students from partner universities
Registration Fee USD50 Non-refundable
Housing Fee USD350 Including breakfast
Cultural Activities Fee USD700

KNU Buddies

Your personal guide to KNU and Korean culture: your buddy will contact you via e-mail prior to your departure for Korea.

Important Dates

Application Deadline May 1, 2017
Letter of Acceptance &Invoice posted May 20, 2017
Payment of Tuition & Fees June 10, 2017
Dormitory Check-in June 25, 2017
Transcript posted to home university End of August

How to Apply

  • 1)KNU partner universities (International Offices) are asked to nominate their students via e-mail to by April 25, 2017.
  • 2)All applicants are required to complete an on-line application at the KNU web site (click here) by May 1, 2017.
  • KNU will issue a Letter of Acceptance and Invoice, which will be e-mailed to each applicant.

Refund Policy

Cancellation before June 10, 2017 100% Refund *
Cancellation before June 17, 2017 50% Refund *
Cancellation after June 18, 2017 No Refund

* Registration fee is non-refundable.

Contact Information

KNU Office of International Affairs Tel: +82-53-950-2415 / Fax: +82-53-950-2419 E-mail: Web Site:


2017 Student Leadership International Dialogue and Exchange (SLIDE) going to Scotland and Ireland

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The Division of University Life & Services is excited to announce that the 2017 Student Leadership International Dialogue and Exchange (SLIDE) Program will take UB student leaders to Scotland and Ireland from May 23 – June 3, 2017.

SLIDE is an international learning experience specifically designed for UB student leaders, giving them an opportunity to learn about leadership from a global perspective and interact firsthand with other student leaders from around the world.

The SLIDE program is designed to expose University at Buffalo student leaders to leadership and culture abroad in a number of facets. This program:

  • Examines historical and cultural types of leadership
  • Exposes students to cultures that are different from their own
  • Requires students to reflect on their experiences from a holistic worldview perspective
  • Examines the reciprocal nature of leadership and culture

 For more detailed information, including program logistics and costs, please download the informational slideshow.

Online applications are due via UBlinked by Wednesday, November 30, 2016. If selected to move forward in the application process, you will be notified to schedule a 30-minute informal interview. 



Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows

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Be Inspired by America’s First President


Spend Your Summer at Mount Vernon!

The Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows Program is a highly-selective summer institute for rising college juniors, offering unparalleled learning and networking opportunities at the home of George Washington.


This is a six-week program includes housing at George Washington’s estate, transportation, meals, and a $500 weekly stipend.

Students are paired with a mentor to learn how to turn a personal passion into a blueprint for action.

Students will network with successful Washington, DC professionals and participate in unique experiences in our nation’s capital.

The Deadline for applications is January 11, 2017.


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

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Experience cutting edge research in a Biomedical Science Lab!

June 5- August 11, 2017

Opportunity includes stipend and free housing.


Dr. Michael Cosgrove PhD, Director

College of Graduate Studies

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Syracuse, New York


Deadline for Applications: February 15, 2017

Apply online:


UBE 302: College to Career Summer 2016

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UBE 302: How to transition from college to your career
Summer 2016 Online
Register for this course in the HUB

What’s this course about?

Examining the components of managing a successful job/internship search by focusing on goal setting, identifying transferable skills, professional branding and integration of effective search skills.  Self-assessment instruments, planning and research skills will be cultivated to help generate career paths and facilitate  your transition into the world of work.

Contact Zach Slaybaugh: 716-645-2231 in UB Career Services


Summer 2016 Anthropology Courses

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July 11—August 19, 2016
Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00am-12:10pm
This course introduces students to the central concepts and questions of cultural anthropology as well as patterns of human cultural expression across the globe. This course explores the sociocultural factors that shape who we are as humans, our behavior, and perceptions. We
will examine some of the social categories and institutions that have profound influences on
the lives of human beings (e.g. families, economies, political systems, religions), as well as the categories of expression (e.g. language, symbolism, medicine, ecology), and processes of contemporary cultural change around the world.
Questions? Email Tamara Dixon at


July 11—August 19, 2016
Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30pm-9:40pm
Humans have always sought to understand where we came from, why we are the way we are, and where we fit amongst the animal kingdom. Physical anthropology—the study of human evolution and origins—attempts to answer these questions, looking at our past and contemporary non-human primates for clues. This course will trace our human origins, from the earliest possible fossil hominins, looking at variations and adaptations that ultimately led to modern humans. We will discuss evolutionary theory and genetics, the fossil record, contemporary non-human primates, and human adaptations, applying these ideas to help us understand our place in the world.
Questions? Email Tamara Dixon at


May 31—July 8, 2016
Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00am-12:10pm
Archaeology is a field of study focused on understanding the human past from the material remains preserved and uncovered in modern times. In this course, we will explore the world and human diversity throughout time, find out how archaeologists interpret the past using artifacts, sites, and human remains, discover the greatest archaeological finds of all time, and learn to decipher fact from fiction in popular portrayals of past societies. This introduction to the field of archaeology will bring to life the fascinating study of ancient cultures, in a short but dynamic six-week summer course.
Questions? Email Tamara Dixon at

Anthropology Majors: Fulfill Your Intro Course Requirements This Summer!
Non-Anthropology Majors: Consider These Classes For Your General Education Social Science Requirement!



Online Summer Course Open to Undergrads: SW 101-Social Context & Human Biology

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Course Description: Reg No. #10334, This undergraduate course will provide a foundational understanding of human biology with emphasis on the biological bases of behaviors and issues of concern to social workers. This course is designed to meet the human biology prerequisites for Masters in Social Work students, and will cover the basics of human biology including anatomical systems and structures, development from conception through aging and death, genetics, evolution, and biological and environmental interactions. The focus of the course is not only on biology but also on the critical analysis of the interplay between human biology and social issues. Discussions will cover the biological bases of phenomena including but not limited to addictions, mental illness, sexuality, and aggression. Emphasis throughout the course also will be placed on biological processes related to trauma and stress.

Course Dates: This online course will be offered from May 31 – August 5, 2016, utilizing Blackboard CMS, video lectures, online quizzes, mid-term and final paper.

Instructor: Elaine Hammond (see video introduction)


Summer 2016 Art Courses Open To All Students

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Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor
AHI 102LR J LEC REC Survey Italian Renaissance to Contemporary Online real time & recorded Mon Weds 1:00- 3:00PM 11418/11963 Jamie  Di Sarno
AHI 103 LEC Survey of AHI: Nonwestern Art Online real time & recorded Tues Thurs

9:00- 11:00 AM

12600 Yuriko Nagatsuma

ART COURSES                                                                                                                                                                          

Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor
ART 111LAB J Drawing Fundamentals 1 Classroom Mon Weds Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 218

11203 Alyssa Crane
ART 210LAB J Intro to Photography Classroom Tues Weds Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 117

12388 Natalie DiIenno
ART 231LABJ Painting Non Major 1 Classroom Mon Tues Thurs

900am- 100pm

CFA 203

10627 George Hughes
ART 250LAB J Intro Digital Practices Classroom Tues Weds Thurs

900am- 100pm

CFA 136

12387 Jennifer Gradecki
ART 350 LAB J Web Design Classroom Mon Weds Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 136

12396 Dominic Licata



Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor


Survey Egypt to Renaissance Online real time & recorded Mon Weds

1:00- 3:00PM

11962 Amy Baer


Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor
ART 111LABM Drawing Fundamentals 1 Classroom Mon Weds Thurs

900am- 100pm

CFA 218

10365 Caroline Doherty
ART 231LABM Painting Non Major 1 Classroom Mon Tues Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 203

12080 Skylar Borgstrom

Summer Course: The Music of Jimi Hendrix Online

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Course: The Music of Jimi Hendrix. Online.

May 31-July 8 (Summer Session I). Course # 12539.

Course Description: This course focuses on the music of electric guitarist/singer/composer/producer Jimi Hendrix. The course will survey Hendrix’s small but influential work from a variety of perspectives: cultural, historical, and analytical. In the course, we will situate Hendrix in relation to his predecessors and contemporaries. We will also explore some of the more distinctive aspects of his work, discussing Hendrix’s relationship to counter-cultural and protest movements of the 1960s and technological aspects of his innovations on the electric guitar and in the recording studio. Students will work on writing skills and acquire a basic vocabulary for talking about music. The course fulfills the Gen Ed arts requirementNo prior musical experience is required.