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Summer 2016 Art Courses Open To All Students

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Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor
AHI 102LR J LEC REC Survey Italian Renaissance to Contemporary Online real time & recorded Mon Weds 1:00- 3:00PM 11418/11963 Jamie  Di Sarno
AHI 103 LEC Survey of AHI: Nonwestern Art Online real time & recorded Tues Thurs

9:00- 11:00 AM

12600 Yuriko Nagatsuma

ART COURSES                                                                                                                                                                          

Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor
ART 111LAB J Drawing Fundamentals 1 Classroom Mon Weds Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 218

11203 Alyssa Crane
ART 210LAB J Intro to Photography Classroom Tues Weds Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 117

12388 Natalie DiIenno
ART 231LABJ Painting Non Major 1 Classroom Mon Tues Thurs

900am- 100pm

CFA 203

10627 George Hughes
ART 250LAB J Intro Digital Practices Classroom Tues Weds Thurs

900am- 100pm

CFA 136

12387 Jennifer Gradecki
ART 350 LAB J Web Design Classroom Mon Weds Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 136

12396 Dominic Licata



Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor


Survey Egypt to Renaissance Online real time & recorded Mon Weds

1:00- 3:00PM

11962 Amy Baer


Course Title Instruction Day/Time/Room Course # Instructor
ART 111LABM Drawing Fundamentals 1 Classroom Mon Weds Thurs

900am- 100pm

CFA 218

10365 Caroline Doherty
ART 231LABM Painting Non Major 1 Classroom Mon Tues Thurs

130- 530pm

CFA 203

12080 Skylar Borgstrom

Summer Course: The Music of Jimi Hendrix Online

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Course: The Music of Jimi Hendrix. Online.

May 31-July 8 (Summer Session I). Course # 12539.

Course Description: This course focuses on the music of electric guitarist/singer/composer/producer Jimi Hendrix. The course will survey Hendrix’s small but influential work from a variety of perspectives: cultural, historical, and analytical. In the course, we will situate Hendrix in relation to his predecessors and contemporaries. We will also explore some of the more distinctive aspects of his work, discussing Hendrix’s relationship to counter-cultural and protest movements of the 1960s and technological aspects of his innovations on the electric guitar and in the recording studio. Students will work on writing skills and acquire a basic vocabulary for talking about music. The course fulfills the Gen Ed arts requirementNo prior musical experience is required.


Summer 2016 in Greece!

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Dear Honors students,

As some of you may know, I have run a January program each of the past two years in Istanbul and western Turkey.  While I expect to continue that program in coming winters (we are poised to go again in 6 weeks), I am now writing to let you know that I have received full approval for a May/June 2016 program in Greece!

The 24 day program will run from May 16 to June 9, traveling around large sections of Greece and bringing us all back in time for Summer commitments in the States (or elsewhere).  It will consist of a 3-credit course focused on Greek Art and Archaeology, and I hope to get approval for it to satisfy the General Education Arts requirement.  We will spend several days in Athens; a number of days on the Peleponnesian peninsula (Olympia; Mycenae; Epidauros; Tiryns; beautiful Nafplion); we’ll then head to Delfi, Meteora, and Thessaloniki in the northeast; and we will visit 3 islands–Crete, Santorini, and (my personal favorite) Skopelos.  The cost of the program will be approximately $4500 + airfare.  The application page with all information will be open soon on the UB Study Abroad website, and the application deadline will be around March 1.   I am happy to talk to any of you about the program—just say the word!

My colleague Dave Teegarden, a bright and personable professor of Greek History, will join me on the trip, and we are planning a broad and engaging survey of ancient Greek art and history, while drinking in all of the enjoyable aspects of modern Greece.   We will visit lots of museums and ancient sites, but we will also spend plenty of time on beaches, in sophisticated and fun modern neighborhoods, and in tavernas and Rembetika joints. We will have time to talk about the dynamic world of modern Greek politics, the Greek economy, Greek philosophy, modern Greek history, Greek style; and, of course, we shall travel around a country whose scenery and historical sites are beautiful and unforgettable.

Don McGuire


Summer 2015 Athletic Courses

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The Division of Athletics, through Recreation Services will be offering several new 1.0-3.0 credit courses this summer.  Several of our classes will be offered online including: ATH 190 Introduction to Wellness Theory and Practice, ATH 116 Fitness and Conditioning – Self-monitoring, and ATH 201 Organization of Recreational Sports.

New classes being offered during summer 2015 include: ATH 171 Soccer, ATH 165 Badminton, ATH 110 Jogging and Conditioning and ATH 102 Introduction to Triathlon.  We hope to motivate our students to remain healthy and active over the summer session and improve overall wellness by offering a great variety of courses in class and online.

If you have any questions about our course offerings please feel free to contact Jessica Nyrop, 645-2534 or


SSC 414 Grant Writing for Non-Profits Summer 2015

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This summer, consider taking  SSC 414 Grant Writing for Non-Profits.  We get requests frequently from students in other majors for admission to the course. This course is open  in the summer to students in all majors.

SSC 414 Grant Writing for Non-Profits
First Summer Session
Monday-Wednesday 3:00-5:40
Registration # 12487

Grants are an important source of funding for new initiatives among non-profit agencies.  Graduates who enter their chosen fields will likely be asked to participate in grant development.  Students will earn an overview of fundraising among non-profits, how to develop grant-raising strategies and how to research and create grant proposals in a competitive market.  This course will involve extensive proposal writing and require skill with composition.  Students must have successfully completed UB courses ENG 102 or ENG 201 (or equivalent transfer courses).  Several grant proposals will develop over the term.  The course will be integrated with current, ongoing internships if students are simultaneously pursuing SSC 496 Practicum in Health and Human Services or SSC 496 Environmental Internship.  Students not pursuing a practicum or internship will adopt and research a non-profit organization appropriate to their field of study.


Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine Summer School 2015: Revolutions in Biomedicine

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Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine Summer School 2015: Revolutions in Biomedicine

This year, Imperial’s Faculty of Medicine is launching its first International Summer School. With an overarching programme theme of ‘Revolutions in Biomedicine’, the School will provide a research-centred, academic course for bioscience and medicine undergraduates (or recent graduates) from around the world.

The school will:

  • Give insight into past, present and future revolutions in biomedicine through lectures, interactive group sessions and seminars
  • Give experience of experimental design and the creativity of research by immersion in a laboratory research project

Programme benefits for the students:

  • Gain academic credit and enhance their CV
  • Intensive and stimulating study at a top world top ten ranked university
  • Interact with world-leading medical researchers
  • Experience London’s rich cultural and historical heritage
  • Make new friends and develop a strong network of contacts
  • Enjoy our lively social programme

Key facts:

  • Website:
  • Dates: 29 June to 17 July 2015 (3 weeks)
  • Students: bioscience and medicine undergraduate (and recent graduates) (no course cap for overseas students)
  • Academic credit: 7.5 ECTS, 3-4 US (the student’s own institution will determine how much credit is awarded)
  • Fees: £3,500 for both home/EU and overseas students (does not include accommodation or travel)
  • Modules:

o   ‘Immunology and Infection: welcome to the future’

o    ‘Advanced therapeutics in heart and lung research’

o   ‘Analytical and therapeutic revolutions in cancer and reproductive biology’

o   ‘Global health challenges’


  • A week-long tissue culture and pharmacology mini-research project on controlling cell proliferation
  • Keynote lectures from prestigious speakers
  • A career perspective and insight session
  • An exciting social programme to help you discover London, learn about English culture and start life-long connections
  • The chance to secure a scholarship awarded to the student (home/EU or overseas) who can best demonstrate outstanding academic potential. The scholarship will cover tuition fees, accommodation, travel and reasonable living expenses

You can find the link for a printable version of the course flyer here.

Please see our website for more information and contact the Summer School Administrator Dr Jim Osborne ( if you have further enquiries.


Summer 2014 Open Music Courses

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MUS 115 Understanding Music   Reg. # 12766

The purpose of this class is to give students an overview of major developments of western music from antiquity to contemporary styles.  This class will also cover philosophical thought as well as major political movements, which helped to drive the composition and development of musical styles.  Students will also learn about and understand musical styles, what distinguishes them, musical form, texture, and the development of vocal and instrumental ensembles, as well as repertoire.  This course is designed to give students a basic understanding and appreciation for the wide variety of styles and genres of music that exist.  This class would be taught online and students will have opportunities to read about this content, listen to and evaluate various musical styles, and critically analyze specific repertoire within these genres.  Students will be assessed based upon the course objectives and content that is covered throughout the duration of the term.
MUS 113 Music & Society – Heavy Metal Thunder  Reg. #12149

This is a class that surveys heavy metal music of the 1970s through the 1980s. Heavy metal music played an important role in the development of rock music as a major art form throughout Europe, Great Britain, and the United States. Rising from the ashes of psychedelic rock and as a reaction to the 1960s “Love Generation,” heavy metal became a powerful cultural phenomenon deeply embedded in social and political ideologies. Students in this course will examine the music and lyrics of a selection of popular songs by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Van Halen, and other bands closely related to the booming heavy metal scene. Students will also examine primary sources, which include interviews with musicians, significant literature of the period, and recent scholarship examining heavy metal music.

MUS 113 Music & Society – Musical Quotation  Reg. 12153

This course explorest he relationship between music and twentieth-century American society. Examines art, folk, and commercial music in an attempt to uncover musical meaning, both as a reflection of and stimulus for social change. Requires no prior experience or training.


Online Writing Course Summer 2014

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Noise, Everyday Sounds, and Experimental Music. Genres of Music (MUS114). Online. Registration no. 12150. May 27-July 3.

-Develop writing skills

-Improve reading and critical thinking skills

-Learn to talk about music

Course Description:

In this course, you will learn to talk about music, starting from basics. No prior musical experience is required. The course will focus on music that uses new sounds and new ways of putting sounds together, specifically music that engages with everyday, non-musical sounds. The musicians we will study are interested in these sounds as a way to re-build music from scratch, and their music provides opportunities to learn about the fundamentals of music. The course will focus on works by John Cage, David Dunn, Helmut Lachenmann, and Max Neuhaus, among others.

Some examples of music we will study:

John Cage, Third Construction for four percussionists

John Cage, Water Walk for one performer

Helmut Lachenmann, Kontrakadenz for large orchestra


Study Abroad in Africa Summer 2014 Info. Session on April 3

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Information Session on Summer Session Study Abroad in Africa

Thursday, April 3, 2014 | 12:00pm in 107 Capen

The University at Buffalo offers a unique study abroad program in Africa that allows you to visit 4 African countries over 6 weeks in May and June while earning 6 credits. During the course of your travels to these countries you will have the opportunity to take TWO 300-level courses, the first in Cape Town, South Africa, the second in Kigali, Rwanda. Each course will focus on the host country and provide a rich introduction to its political history and culture through literature, film, field trips and cultural contacts. Please visit or attend the Information Session for more about what each country on the trip has to offer.


GEO 333 Bases of World Commerce-Summer Session M

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GEO 333: Bases of World Commerce
Summer Session M (July 1st-August 9th)
On-Line Course Offering
Instructor: Gary Jordan, MBA-Finance, MA Economics

Involves a theoretical and empirical study of the spatial aspects of commodity flows among countries and regions; also examines conditions leading to trade, and to barriers to the movement of goods.  Topics include Ricardian, Specific-Factors, and Hecksher-Ohlin Models.

Limited Summer Seats Available!!