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DMS 422: Dystopian Science Fiction Cinema-Winter Session Course

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DMS 422 Dystopian Science Fiction Cinema   

Online winter course (3 credit course) with Tanya Stadelmann

January 5 – January 23, 2015  reg # 10187 (fulfills advanced analysis or DMS elective)

The Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, Children of Men, Fight Club, The Road, THX 1138, 28 Days Later, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Soylent Green.

Dystopian is now commonly used to describe works of fiction that contain themes of an undesirable and frightening society.  According to scholar Tom Moylan, the real world roots of dystopian fiction is largely the product of the terrors of the 20th Century.  As we face increasing economic worries, wars, environmental catastrophes, surveillance and a drug dependent society in our reality, these themes are reflected in our narrative cinema.

During this winter online course we will watch a range of dystopian science fiction films from the 1970s till the present.During this course we will analyze and discuss how filmmakers use narrative structure, location, production design, cinematography and sound design to create dystopian worlds and read critical essays on the dystopian imagination in science fiction.


UBE 496: Lead, Engage & Advocate Winter 2014

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UBE 496: Lead, Engage, & Advocate (Winter Session)

January 5 – January 23, 2014

Monday through Friday, 10 am – 10:55 am

Registration #10035

Course Description: This one credit course will educate students about how to make positive change in their communities by examining individual, group, and societal values. The class will be broken down into three (3) specific topic areas of community engagement, diversity and leadership, which will include activities, group work, and discussion both in small and large groups.


Any questions can be directed to Terri Budek ( or Phyllis Floro ( or call 645-6469.


New Course This Winter: ES 461 Special Topics-Health Coaching and Behavior Modification

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ES 461 Special Topics – Health Coaching and Behavior Modification

This course will provide an overview of behavior modification strategies related to health behaviors, including physical activity, nutrition, weight management, and tobacco cessation. Discusses principles of health coaching and provides students with practical experience utilizing coaching techniques. See course syllabus for more information.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe scope of practice, professional ethics and competencies for health coaches.
  2. Apply health behavior theory to assess individual behaviors and motivation to change.
  3. Describe how motivation, knowledge, skills and attitude affect individual behavior change.
  4. Discuss how to address common barriers to adopting new health behaviors.
  5. Describe health coaching principles used to assist individuals in modifying health behaviors, such as exercise, diet, tobacco cessation, weight management and stress management.
  6. Practice health coaching techniques, such as motivational interviewing, active listening, values-based coaching, goal setting, guided imagery, and reframing.

Instructor: Heather Kearns, MPH, Master Certified Health Education Specialist

The course may be useful for undergraduate majors in exercise science, nursing, psychology, biomedical sciences, social work or any student entering a health profession.  Class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:30am.


UB This Winter 2015 Schedule Now Available

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The schedule for the Winter 2015 session is now available at: 

Registration will begin on October 1, 2015


Spend Winter in Istanbul! Info. Session September 19

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Friday September 19, 2-4pm, Norton 17: Drop-in information session for students interested in the UB Winter Session Program in Istanbul.  Professor Don McGuire and his colleagues Professor Munroe Eagles (Political Science) and Hadar Borden (Undergraduate Academies) will once again lead a January 3-credit program in Istanbul and Western Turkey!  The program is designed for students from ALL majors, offering them an opportunity to see how their majors translate into serious issues in a modern global city.  Come talk to Dr. McGuire about the program’s design and itinerary, logistics, highlights, etc.  Dr. McGuire has spent many years of his life in Turkey, and he reports that this program is as good as anything he has ever encountered–a great mix of ancient and modern material, with great hotels, amazing food, and wondrous cultural experiences.


January 2015 Study Abroad Open House May 6 and May 7

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January 2015 Study Abroad Open House | Winter Session 2015

Tuesday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 7, 2014 from 12:00-1:30pm in 17 Norton

It’s time to start planning and budgeting for travel next January!  Join us on Tuesday May 6 and Wednesday May 7, 12 noon to 1:30 pm in Norton 17 (the Undergraduate Academies) for the January 2015 Study Abroad Programs Open House.  Program Directors for several of the planned January 2015 UB Study Abroad programs and representatives of the UB Study Abroad office will be present to answer your questions and discuss their January programs.  See you there!  Programs are currently slated for ISTANBUL; LONDON; ROME/NAPLES; FLORENCE/ROME;  MOLDOVA; BERLIN; SINGAPORE; BARBADOS; HONG KONG/CHINA. Students with questions should contact Dr. Don Mcguire at See you there!


One Week For America Winter Internship

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Teach for America Presents….”One Week for America!

January 13 through January 17, 2014.

The Teach for America New York region will host 15 selected students for an intensive week of hands-on classroom experience and professional development in New York City.  Student participants will engage with the issue of educational equity, including the role that the Teach for American community is playing in addressing this critical issue.  Focused experiences on STEM and early childhood education will be offer for those interested.

Expenses that will be covered as part of the program include: three dinners and MetroCards.  WE ask that the participants stay with friends or family during the week; however, it may be possible to arrange stays with corps members or staff members if unable to secure housing. 


  • Current sophomores, juniors, and seniors attending college in New York state are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be available to travel to New York City for the duration of the trip, January 13th through 17th, 2014
  • Applicants must be willing to commit approximately 5-10 hours prior to the trip to complete preparation work, engage with other participants via an online conference session, and connect with their host corps member reagrding their indended classroom project.
  • Applicants must be interested in raisign awareness about the educational opportunity gap on their campuses after the trip.

To apply:


Music Courses for Winter Session 2014

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Fulfill your arts requirement this winter session!  The following music courses are still open for winter session 2014:

MUS 109 Master Composer – FRANK ZAPPA   Reg. #10047
With a curriculum designed in the spirit of Frank Zappa, this class explores the music of Zappa and his influences.  Political and other non-musical aspects of his life will be addressed, as well as Zappa’s social satire, political views, advocacy of 1st Amendment Rights and the relationships between his work and historical events.  Professor Nelson worked with Frank Zappa shortly before his death.

The course aims at providing students basic knowledge on the history of contemporary art music in China and Japan since the introduction of Western music.
From the early 20th century art music composed by Chinese and Japanese composers to the latest trends developed by their compatriots will be studied in order to give students a whole picture of how the music and the society in these two countries developed in the 20th century. Also, various cultural issues such as nationalism, propaganda and modernism will be discussed.

MUS 114 Genres of Music – ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTERS IN MUSIC  Reg. #10110
This course is intended as an introduction to the history, theory, and practice of music involving electronics and computers, primarily through listening and discussion of experimental, pop, rock, electronic dance music, DJ techniques, drum and bass, techno, mashups, dubstep, and other popular musical forms. The rich and unique influence of technology on music, past, present, and future, will be discussed. In addition, the most significant techniques of electronic music: sampling, synthesis, and processing of sound, along with track mixing, will be studied and students will get to experiment with these techniques directly.


Graduate School of Education Winter Undergraduate Courses

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Undergraduate Courses


January 2014 Employer Site Visits…Multiple Cities to Choose From!

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Registration is Now Open for Employer Visits in January through EACE’s Road Trips to the Real World!

Some employer sites to consider:

In New York City: Dow Jones, AOL Inc, Madison Square Garden

In Buffalo, NY: Ingram Micro

BUT…you may register for any site in any city listed below.

To Register:  Go to under Road Trips to the Real World.  There is a cost of $10 to register for each site visit. You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging and any incidental expenses you may incur.


  • Hyatt Hotels of Boston, Cambridge, MA
  • Wawa, Inc., Wawa, PA
  • UnitedbyBlue, Philadelphia, PA
  • Amica Mutual Insurance, Lincoln, RI
  • BerryDunn, Portland, ME
  • Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA
  • J.P. Morgan, Newark, DE
  • Ingram Micro, Buffalo, NY
  • CVS Caremark, Woonsocket, RI
  • IKEA, Conshohocken, PA
  • Drexel University School of Public Health, Philadelphia, PA
  • URBN, Philadelphia, PA
  • American Red Cross, Washington, DC
  • WHYY, Philadelphia, PA
  • AOL, Inc., New York City, NY
  • Dow Jones, Manhattan, NY
  • PLS Logistics Services, Cranberry Township, PA
  • The Madison Square Garden Company, New York City, NY
  • Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA
  • ARAMARK, Philadelphia, PA

To Register for Road Trips to The Real World Student Site Visits:  Go to and register for any of the above EACE site visits under Road Trips to the Real World.