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Don’t Wait to Register for the Spring-Late Registration Fees Start Dec. 9th

Posted by Tim on November 19, 2012 in Academics, Registration and Seminar Information

The late registration fee will be assessed to students who register after the deadlines that are set.  The following information is listed on the Office of Student Accounts website under “Spring Billing Dates.”

“Continuing students are required to maintain their enrollment each term. Students who are not registered for at least 1 course for credit on December 9, 2012 will be charged a $40 late registration fee. This is non-negotiable and must be paid.

All new students should be registered by the first day of classes for the term.  A $40 late registration fee will be charged to any student who is not registered on the first day of classes, but who subsequently registers.  This fee will apply to all students including those who receive late admission to the University.

Note: The last day for new UB students to enroll for the Spring 2013 term without a $40 late registration fee is January 13, 2013.”

If a student had registered before the deadline but dropped all of their classes and later registered after the deadline, they will be assessed the late registration fee. Students must be enrolled in at least 1 course for credit by the deadline.