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Generation Magazine Call for Talent

Posted by Tim on February 12, 2014 in Community Announcements, Networking, Student Clubs

Submissions needed in the following areas:

Call for Art: Do y ou paint, draw, dance, act or take photos?  If you have a piece of artwork or a photo of which you are particularly proud and would like us to publish, send us an email!  Moreover, if you are involved in a theatrical production, dance, poetry reading or some other creative performance and would like our magazine to write a review or include a photo spread of the performance, send us an email!

He Said, She Said: A reader favorite, the humor of this section is fueled by reader questions.  If you want to ask He or She a question to hear their snarky response, email them to us!  If you have no idea what this section is, pick up a copy of our latest issue and turn to page nine or check out our latest issues at: or on our website:

Literary Submissions: We are always looking for creative writing from our fellow students.  Submissions for our Lit section can include, but are not limited to, poetry, prose, sci-fi fantasy, mystery, or a chapter from the most recent romance novel you’ve been writing!  This is a great chacne to feel out your audience!

Please send all literary submissions to: and all other submissions to: