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Global Health Dialogues Fall 2016

Posted by Tim on September 29, 2016 in Community Announcements, Event, Networking, Workshops

Global Health Dialogues
Thursdays 4 –5pm | 220 Hayes Hall

Oct. 6Dr. Katarzyna Kordas
Understanding the impact of early life exposomeon child health

Oct. 13Dr. Nirupam AichE-Waste repair and recycling inBangladesh: Acomplex socioeconomic, environmental, and health issue

Oct. 20Dr. James Jensen and Dr. Chris Lowry
Challenges in addressing water needs for refugees in northern Uganda

Oct. 27Dr. Christine George
A hospital based hand washing with soap and water treatment intervention to reduce Cholera among household contacts of Cholera cases (CHoBI7): A randomized control trial

Nov. 3Dr. Pavani RamNewborn health in the Sustainable Development Era: Closing the equity gaps on survival

Nov. 10Dr. Jessica (Ying) Cao
Scarce resource allocation and healthcare utilization among the rural poor in Bangladesh: Do income sources and mental accounting matter?

Nov. 17Dr. Therese McGinnInternational Education Week Keynote Speaker
Columbia University

Dec. 1Dr. Lanre Omotayo
Preeclampsia in sub-Saharan Africa

Dec. 8BiplabBhattacharyaPerspectives from Industrial and Systems Engineering