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Hispanic Women’s League Scholarship Opportunity

Posted by Tim on May 31, 2016 in Competitions, Scholarship Opportunities, Stress Relief

The annual HWL Scholarship application is now available online at  I have also attached it for your convenience.  We will announce the winners September of 2016, and the award will be presented at our Annual Award Dinner in October 2016.

Please forward this to any of your colleagues or students that may be interested.

“The mission of the Hispanic Women’s League is to improve the quality of life, assist in the personal and professional development, and advocate for the concerns of the Hispanic woman.  The primary commitment of the Hispanic Women’s League is to provide scholarships to women of Hispanic descent for the attainment of higher education. In addition, the League performs and participates in numerous community services, fundraising  efforts, and makes contributions specifically geared to address the unique concerns of the Hispanic woman and the Latino community. ”

We are a not-for-profit organization that is comprised of volunteer members.

Thank you,

Noemi Pizarro

Co-Chair Scholarship Committee

Hispanic Women’s League