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LAI 301: Composing in the Human Sciences Fall 2016

Posted by Tim on May 17, 2016 in Academics, General Education Requirements, UB Curriculum

3 sections:

Tues-Thurs @ 11 AM

Tues-Thurs @ 2PM

Online Communication Literacy II

CL2 is designed to engage in exploring various composition processes, genres, and modalities that underlie skilled communication practices and consider larger issues of what it means to be communicatively literate in the digital, global world. We will explore a number of ways in which humans communicate in career and workplace literacies. Serves students who are studying and preparing for careers in the Human Sciences and Applied Human Sciences which may include those in academic and professional training in social work, psychology, education, media, law, industry, commerce, computing, management, health services, sociology, anthropology, and teaching. The human sciences emphasize the effects of disciplinary self-conceptions on what counts as knowledge and evidence in inquiries into human beings and how they function together in social groups.

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Meets the undergraduate requirement for a Communication Literacy II course