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Marshall University– Biomedical PhD Program

Posted by Tim on February 13, 2017 in Academics, Graduate School Programs

Q1: Is Marshall still accepting applications for its Biomedical Sciences (BMS) PhD program for this coming year?

A1: Yes! Though the priority application deadline was in November, Marshall continues accepting applications until the class is full.

Q2: How do I know if the class is full?

A2: Just ask (right now we are still accepting applications!). J or

Q3: When do classes begin?

A3: Classes begin on August 21, but PhD students actually apply for the summer term and begin on July 10. This allows students to get a head start on their research rotations, learn more about research opportunities, get to know their cohort and current students, acclimate to a new environment, and to prepare for the quickly approaching challenging graduate academic courses! The first week is Preparation for Graduate Academics (PGA) Boot Camp, and the last week before classes is when all research students, faculty, and other research personnel come together for the Annual Biomedical Sciences Research Retreat!

Q4: What is the focus of Marshall’s research?

A4: Marshall’s biomedical research takes an interdisciplinary approach and focuses on health concerns of clinical significance on a global scale, with particular attention given to the Appalachian region. Our primary goal through biomedical sciences is to use a translational research approach to help reduce the numerous health disparities of the Appalachian patient population and to improve health outcomes for our region. Some examples include: · Obesity-related disorders · Intestinal inflammation · Epithelial transport · Renal disease · Toxicology · Breast cancer · Pulmonary disease · Addiction-associated diseases · Diabetes · Hypertension · Bone growth abnormalities · Lipid homeostasis

Q5: How can I pay for my education?

A5: Accepted Biomedical Sciences PhD students for summer 2017 receive a $25,000 annual stipend, health insurance, and a tuition waiver.

Q6: Who cares?

A6: We do! You will find that the research facilities are outstanding, but so is Marshall’s research faculty!

Q7: How do I apply?

A7: Click here! Contact Diana with questions, to learn more, and/or to arrange a visit! or 304-696-3365 |


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