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MFC 151 CPR Class for Undergraduates

Posted by Tim on January 27, 2016 in Academics, Community Announcements, New Programs, Online Courses, Workshops

Millard Fillmore College

MFC 151: CPR for Health Related Professions-1 credit course
3 different sections, 4 week hybrid course, Room 208 UB Gateway

Students are eligible to enroll in thi8s course prior to the start of each section.

Hands on skills willb e taught in room 208 UB Gateway within the downtown Buffalo/Niagara Medical Campus.  Course will be primarily conducted online and the hands-on skills portion will be conducted with an AHA instructor.  Students who complete all course requirements will receive the following AHA National certifications:

Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
Heartsaver First Aid
Preventing Disease Transmission

All participants are required to pay an online certification fee of $30.00.