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Neuroanatomy Course Winter Session

Posted by Tim on October 28, 2014 in Academics, Winter Session

Winter Neuroanatomy Course

PSY474 Basics of Psychological Neuroanatomy (Hybrid Course)

This course is an intense and immersive study of neuroanatomy, particularly as it pertains to Psychology. The course consists of two parts. The first part of the course (05 January – 19 January) is online and self-paced.

Although students are not expected to begin working on the course until 05 January, the online resources will open shortly after Fall courses so students will be able to begin earlier if they choose. The second part of the course (20 January – 23 January, 9am – 5pm) is face-to-face on UB’s South Campus.

During the part of the course students will learn basic neuroanatomy using online video lectures, workbooks, and on-line resources. The neuroanatomy will be tied to function, particularly as it applies to Psychology and Psychopathology. During the second part of the course, students will apply the concepts and factual material they learned in the first part using human brain specimens in the Neuroanatomy Museum onĀ  South Campus. Students will also master basic neuroanatomy by studying and dissecting sheep and human brains.

The class will be online (05 January – 19 January) and face-to-face (20 January – 23 January). The face-to-face component will be held on UB’s South Campus. (Details about the specific locations will be posted on UB Learns.) Students who are unable to be present at UB for the face-to-face component will be unable to satisfy the course requirements and should not register for this course. If you have trouble registering for this class call 716-645-0205