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Neuroanatomy Winter Intersession 2017

Posted by Tim on December 21, 2016 in Academics, Winter Session

NEUROANATOMY – Winter Intersession 2017
Registration No. 10142
1 credit –

ES 344: Neuroanatomy I (with clinical cases)

This 1 credit on-line course is designed to provide students with a 3 dimensional appreciation of various neurological structures. The course will use video instructional format of cross-sections, models, and diagrams to identify various neurological structures.  Topics will focus on the external and internal morphology of the brain, brainstem and spinal cord, and the arterial system. 

Once a foundation in Neuroanatomy is established, the course will explore how disruption of key neurological structures lead to specific injury/disease. Clinical Case studies will be specifically selected to enhance the understanding of the role and functional significance of various neuro-anatomical structures.

Neuroanatomy I is a foundation course for all programs in biomedical science, psychology, nursing, and rehabilitation. The course will emphasize a 3-dimensional approach of the human brain and will enable students to navigate and identify structures while also providing clinical relevance and context.

For additional info or help with registration (ANA 407 is not required). Students who have not completed ANA 113 or ES 207, or a basic undergraduate science course, please contact the instructor, Dr. Farkas at: