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New Course Enrollment Control Process for Retaking a Class

Posted by Tim on November 18, 2013 in Academics, Registration and Seminar Information

The registration process for impacted courses under the undergraduate Course Enrollment Control policy will be changing effective with spring 2014 registration.  One week prior to the start of classes, the Course Enrollment Control policy will be lifted in HUB, allowing students who have previously attempted impacted courses to self-register in seats that remain open at that date.  All other restrictions, including prerequisites, Reserve Capacities, and Repeat Policy restrictions that prohibit self-registration after two attempts, will continue to apply. 

The process for repeat registration for impacted courses prior to this date is at the discretion of the cognizant decanal unit.  

While this may not guarantee a seat if the course is otherwise full, it may be helpful to students seeking enrollment.  

Please contact your advisor with questions.