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Online Graduate School Courses in the Graduate School of Education for Undergraduates

Posted by Tim on January 10, 2018 in Academics

I am reaching out this morning as I wanted to let you know of course offerings within the Graduate School of Education for undergraduate students. As we did last fall, we have been deploying an email campaign to targeted majors to let them know of our online UG offerings for this spring.

I wanted to pass this information along to you in case you were working with students looking for electives/additional courses. I also thought it may be a good idea for advisors to be aware of. Also, as an FYI GSE is also offering on-campus courses, but this campaign was focused solely on online.

The online courses for spring that still have seats available are the following:

Thank you,


Baylee A. Richards, EdM | Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator

Graduate School of Education-University at Buffalo | 366 Baldy Hall | Buffalo, NY 14260

P: 716-645-2110 | E: