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Research Opportunity on the “Dalits” with Claude Welch

Posted by Tim on August 10, 2017 in Academics, Honors Experiences, Networking, Research Information and Opportunities

This research opportunity requires good academic judgment regarding the importance of published articles and their significance for on-going research on Indian politics.

About 1/6th of India’s population are Dalits. [They were formerly known as Untouchables.] An immense amount has been written about them, including a great deal of polemical literature. With the help of previous CURCA-sponsored students, relevant articles from the respected Economic and Political Weekly have been identified and summaries prepared for most. The recipient of the CURCA award will be expected to read the as-yet unread and unsummarized articles, and prepare summaries of their contents. Detailed guidelines will be provided, including examples from the previous grant winner. High-quality contributions by the recipient of this grant will be credited with co-authorship.

Honors experience credit is available in the form of independent study or research.

Please email Tim Matthews with a copy of your resume and a brief statement on why you are interested in this opportunity to: