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Undergraduate Legal Research Program Application deadline August 19

Posted by Tim on July 21, 2016 in Academics, Honors Experiences, Networking, Research Information and Opportunities

The Undergraduate Legal Research Program seeks to provide competitively-selected undergraduates with an introduction to legal research, analysis, and writing. The class is organized as a quasi-independent study; the instructional sessions are designed to introduce the research tools and legal analysis skills necessary to choose a topic and produce a research paper and informational pamphlet for potential distribution at the SBI Legal Assistance Office. For their participation in the program, students earn three (3) elective credits through the UB Millard Fillmore College (MFC 499).

This program provides student researchers with:

-Instruction in case analysis and briefing;
-Instruction in legal writing strategies and styles;
-Instruction in legal research methods available to undergraduates;
-Doctrinal instruction from a law school professor and a legal research specialist;
-Structured and feedback-intensive development of a research topic and paper;
-Observation of a law school class; and,
-A presentation from a law school admissions officer to discuss the law school application process and requirements.

This program will develop the students’ skills in research and writing while allowing for close coordination with law students and legal professionals. Candidates for this program should have some experience with academic research, though no specific job history or academic major is required for consideration. All majors are welcomed, and can choose a topic pertinent to both the study of law and their academic major. A syllabus will be handed-out providing deadlines and rubric for all assignments after a final selection of all students has been made.

All applicants must be currently registered undergraduate students at UB
in their sophomore, junior, or senior year.

Send the following in a single e-mail to with the Subject Line “Researcher Application”:
1.) Letter of Interest; 2.) Resume; 3.) Academic Writing Sample; and, 4.) Unofficial College Transcript.

All application materials must be received via e-mail to
by Friday 19th August 2016 at 5:00pm.

Michael Charles Cimasi, Esq.
Attorney and Counselor at Law SUNY at Buffalo – North Campus Buffalo, New York 14260 Phone: 716-560-1171 E-mail: