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Long time, no see and the last time I will take the G train

Posted by bostonki on March 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

And it has certainly been a long time.

I’m so sorry for neglecting the ten friends I have on Facebook that read this.. and whoever exists remotely that may be reading this.  But I missed writing.  I couldn’t stay away forever.

First it was finals week, then I went to New York with my boyfriend for a few days.  It was my third actual time in the city (I don’t count my eight hour layover from JFK to Buffalo last summer, thanks mom 😉 ) and I had a blast!  We wandered around midtown and I FINALLY saw the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center (I’m crying inside right now at how beautiful that was), and we saw the 2018 led lights in Times Square that were on display before being hoisted onto the ball for New Years Eve.

The next day, we stopped by Strand Bookstore a.k.a my new favorite place on Earth (twice actually – Mike was willing to go BACK) and went to the Museum of Modern Art, where I ogled at Starry Night.  We spent some time in Williamsburg but I was ultimately so fed up with the G train and the fact that it took 45 minutes to go maybe a few miles that I vowed never again.  But alas, I was WEAK and the next morning fed into my cravings for a rainbow bagel with cream cheese frosting from The Bagel Store.  That, I promise, is the last time I’ll take the G train.

Soo caloric.. I only ate half

After New York, I pretty much just followed through on my promise to do nothing the rest of the year.  Then January came and I went back to work nearly full time and basically the last two months has been a mix of burnout, seasonal affective symptoms, and thinking a LOT about my future.

Thus why I haven’t been writing.

But there ARE some pretty cool updates in my otherwise chaotic life.

All that money I made over break, I put it towards a mother-daughter trip to Europe this summer.  I just couldn’t keep away the travel bug.  It’s like every several months I just NEED to go somewhere.  She was down with the idea (she’s been once before to Italy) and I was certainly down with the idea because I am really itching to get over to Europe and see what it’s all about.  Especially the more people I see travel there.  I worked on the itinerary a lot over spring break, and it basically looks like this:

Day 1: London

Day 2: Stonehenge, Bath, and Lacock

Day 3: London (particularly, the Harry Potter Studio Tour)

Day 4: London

Day 5: Travel to France

Day 6: Disneyland Paris

Day 7: Paris

Day 8: Paris

Day 9: Versailles and Paris

Day 10: Travel to Brussels, spend time in Brussels

Day 11: Potentially a day trip to Bruges

Day 12: Travel to Amsterdam

Day 13: Amsterdam

Day 14: Amsterdam

I’ve convinced mom to stay in hostels in some cities (only 20 euros per bed per night, certainly a good deal if you ask me).  Travel through Europe via train is pretty cheap.  Also, we scored some sweet airfare deals.  About a little over $500 round trip per person.  It’d probably cost more to fly to California. Shoutout to and for making student’s cheap travel dreams come true.  Most of the sights in London, Amsterdam, and Belgium are free or cheap, and Paris has a wonderful attractions pass deal, so it isn’t as expensive as you may think.  Just about a month of near full time minimum-wage work was all it took.

So my second cool development is also pretty neat.  See, I have this obsession with doing really cool and neat stuff, with making the most out of the opportunities you have and living your life so that you’ll always have a story to tell.  And one day when I was feeling particularly panicky and out-of-control, I spontaneously applied to the Disney College Program.  And made it through the whole application process, and actually got accepted for the Fall semester on an attractions role.  Now, this is a paid internship, and while you can take courses, they really don’t recommend it.  I’m planning taking the semester off to go down (I could use a break anyways).  While this is certainly exciting, I do need to be practical and have been wavering a little bit on it’s practicality as a whole and how it will fit into my career interests.  I’ve asked multiple people in the field I’d like to enter if they’d recommend it, and the answer was “Do whatever you feel is best.”  Thanks.  Muy helpful.

Yikes… what do I do with my life now??

My timeline feels so crunched.  Freshman, MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME.  I wish I’d spent less of freshman and the first half of sophomore year feeling bleh and made use of it.

Live and learn.

I think that’s it for my updates.  I might as well turn this into a travel blog, because I want to finish my Australia story that I left off with last fall.

See you sometime in the near future!