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The Future of This Blog?

Posted by bostonki on September 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

As I approach two years of having written this blog, I’m beginning to reflect on what I’ve written over that time period, and how I’m going to increase my blog’s quality.  Most of the pieces have been about my experiences at UB – various jobs, study abroad, student life, but also about my personal life.  I want to write about those same things, but with a more sophisticated and analytical tone to them.  After graduation, I want to take the blog out on its’ own and keep writing about my experiences, but also about issues in education, books I’m reading, and just interesting stuff that I hear throughout the course of a day.  I have no idea whether it will catch anyone’s eye or gain any traction, but I really find writing relaxing and stimulating.  Hey, you never know.



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