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Things I Learned in July

Posted by bostonki on July 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

Duolingo sent me a notification today that said, “These [daily] reminders don’t seem to be working.  We’ll stop sending them for now”, and I think that’s a perfect embodiment for how my July is going.  Boston’s brain doesn’t seem to be working right now, try again later.

Things I Learned in July:

  1. Don’t try to rustle up renters insurance and utilities the week before you move out.
  2. Cleaning an apartment from floor to ceiling is not fun.
  3. High schoolers are tough and exhausting, but rewarding.
  4. I can take daily naps and go without dinner until 9 PM if need be.
  5. I’ve developed an unfortunate dependence on a morning cup of joe.
  6. Not all parents embarrass you on your 21st birthday.
  7. Dancing Chopsticks on campus sells better bubble tea for cheaper.
  8. Walmart is a godsend for apartment-shopping on an $11.00/hr budget.
  9. Buffalo is a pretty cool city.  (Comes to the realization of this after I’ve been here for 21 years)
  10. It is possible to read 150 pages of a book per day.  Just not when it’s a textbook 😉

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