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Part-Time Summer Job with Explore Buffalo

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  • Answer phone calls and emails requesting tour information, reservations, and memberships
  • Process orders for new and renewal memberships 
  • Assist with summer events including the Twilight Tour of Mansions 
  • Optional: Assist with marketing and communications, including social media.
  • Other administrative tasks as necessary

Approximately 3 days, 20-24 hours per week, including a rotating weekend day (generally 2 Saturdays per month). The position will be in-person at Explore Buffalo’s office at One Symphony Circle, Buffalo NY 14201.

We’d like to have someone in place around mid-May — if they can start sooner that is great (doing fewer hours while the semester wraps up is fine) — and if they want to continue into the fall (presumably with fewer hours than summer) that is an option as well. 

If interested, please email Tim Matthews at with your resume and a brief statement of interest in the position.


Student 2 Biz Challenge-Cash Prizes! Deadline March 26

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Stem for Everyone Event!

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Are you an undergraduate or graduate student involved in technical research or hands-on projects? Would you like to share your work with a broad audience and sharpen your communication skills? Submit your proposal to participate in STEM for Everyone!

STEM for Everyone, presented by the UB Women in STEM Cooperative (WISC) and UB Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE), invites students to present a short 5 minute talk, poster presentation or video on a STEM topic to hone their communication skills.

This event provides a platform for students to communicate the significance of their work in non-technical language, an important skill for any STEM professional. Creativity is encouraged!

Participants will benefit from mentorship and constructive feedback as they are preparing their presentation, poster or video, and will be eligible to win prizes for strong submissions.

More information and past submissions can be found here:


2023 UB School of Law is Now Accepting Applications!

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Program dates: June 3 – June 30, 2023 Application Deadline: Monday, March 20, 2023
A Bridge to Law School

Recognizing that there is a shortage of historically underrepresented students entering the field of law, the School of Law created the Discover Law Program to provide an immersive experience for undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in law, expose students to critical thinking and help them develop reading and analytical skills, and provide an in-depth and thorough experience in a four-week residential summer program.

This award-winning intensive summer program, now in its ninth year, has given dozens of bright young scholars a taste of law school life and opened their imaginations to careers in law. For these promising future lawyers, the experience is already paying off.

Application Instructions:
Students must submit a completed application package, which will include:
Background information,
A personal statement of their interest in the Discover Law Scholars Program,
An official transcript,
One letter of recommendation (up to 3 letters accepted, only one is required)
A resume.

Learn more about the program HERE.

Participants will receive a monetary stipend for participation.

2023 Blackstone LaunchPad Fellowship Application is now Open!

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Calling all Campus LaunchPad startup founders for a summer program and funding opportunity! The 2023 Blackstone LaunchPad Fellowship, which offers eight weeks of workshops, networking, and a $5,000 prize to all Fellows who complete the program, just launched their application. The program will run May 18-July 13, allowing you to focus on your startup this summer and fast track your growth through mentorship and accountability. Interested? Deadline: April 2, 2023.

Click the link for more information and to apply:


2023 CSTEP Summer Internship Program Application OPEN!

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Deadline – Next Friday, March 17th.  

The CSTEP Summer Research Program (May 30 – July 28, 2023) is an 8.5-week program that provides students with a faculty-mentored research experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) majors and/or the licensed professions such as Nursing, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Law,  and Social Work.   We seek talented underrepresented rising sophomores, juniors and continuing seniors whose undergraduate career would be enhanced by conducting research under the guidance of a UB faculty mentor.  Our research experience enhances students’ competitiveness when pursuing graduate school or careers. A stipend of $4,200 and tuition will be awarded to participants (totaling $5,500).   In addition, participants can also continue during the academic year with more funding from CSTEP.

Research assignments are based on mutual interests of faculty mentors and interns.  Interns also participate in a research methods course, Focused Friday seminars to develop soft skills, fieldtrips, and community service.  As a capstone, students present their research projects to peers, faculty, and the UB community during the Annual Research Symposium and Undergraduate Research Conference.

Candidates should intend to pursue any licensed profession, such as Nursing, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Law, Social Work OR  major in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). An interest in research is required.  More information and eligibility can be found hereStudents must submit application  BEFORE the March 17th deadline.  

Program Benefits:

  • $4,200 Stipend/Meal Card + Summer Tuition (Interns can also continue with additional funding of at least $2,700 during the academic year until graduation)
  • Faculty Mentorship with intensive research experience
  • Research Methods Seminar (3.0 credit hours)
  • Networking with professionals, faculty, & peers
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Development of soft skills via seminars with experts
  • Community Service
  • Enhanced presentation skills via Annual Summer Research Symposium and Undergraduate Research Conference

Here’s what previous research interns have said about their experience

“The CSTEP Summer Research Program isn’t just a program that provides research opportunities; it gave me access to alumni, scholarships, faculty, friendships, and networking.” Electrical Engineering Major

“This experience has been amazing because not only was it educational and informative, but it was uplifting and made me feel like the sky is the limit…The internship opened my mind to research and helped me to consider multiple career options.” Pre-Med/Biological Sciences Major


At least one letter of recommendation must be from a faculty member, staff or supervisor on letterhead. Letters may be submitted at the letter of recommendation pageCSTEP staff is available to offer any assistance with personal statements, resumes and any aspect of the process.


NSF-DoD REU Site: Advanced Technologies for Hypersonic, Propulsive, Energetic, and Reusable Platforms (HYPER) at the University of Central Florida (UCF).

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HYPER addresses challenges in aerospace travel and energy production, advancing the fundamental knowledge needed to overcome technical barriers limiting hypersonic flight. The 10-week program will be held this summer from May 21st – July 29th, 2023. Participants will gain hands-on research training in challenges such as: utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques for high-value components, integrating in-site monitoring of stress-strain evolution, developing novel methods for improved internal cooling and heat transfer effectiveness, and mitigating flutter through advanced rotor dynamic control. Many of these challenges rely on approaches that cut across disciplines and research techniques.

We are actively recruiting a diverse group of participants from a variety of universities. These students will:

• Conduct hands-on research guided directly by a faculty mentor and their graduate student(s)

• Interact with a diverse multidisciplinary team of researchers

• Visit the NASA Kennedy Space Center and various aerospace companies

• Participate in professional development workshops

• Gain in-depth training on numerical simulation software ANSYS

• Prepare for graduate school and a research-based career

• Engage with other REU groups located at UCF

Each HYPER REU participant will receive a summer stipend of $6,000, on-campus housing, and a travel allowance to and from Orlando, Florida. To learn more about the program, please visit our website at or view the HYPER REU flyer (linked and pictured below).

The application deadline for HYPER is Sunday, April 3rd, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET. Prospective participants may apply at

The organizers of the program are Drs. Ali P. Gordon and Jeffrey L. Kauffman ( 


NSF Career Project

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The NSF Career project is looking to recruit Honors College Students for research that includes Hands-on Experiments with Teams of Tiny Ground Robots and Drones!

The project focuses on programming tiny (palm sized) ground-based robots and aerial robots (aka drones), and performing experiments with them in a motion capture facility that tracks each robot individually. We can also use an overhead projector to project virtual maps and environments over which the robots will operate. The goal of this project is to test and validate various multi-robot and robot swarm applications such as area coverage, hazard localization, formation flight and multi-task completion. These algorithms are connected with real-world applications mainly in disaster response (e.g., flood response, finding skiers trapped under avalanche, search and rescue etc.), pollution clean-up and goods/material transportation. These small lab-scale experiments with the tiny robots will serve as a scaled down validation of how effective (aka efficient, fast, reliable) will be such multi-robot solutions in real-world applications. In corollary, we will also study the interactions of these teams of tiny robots with human supervisors that communicate with them through a computer game based interface. This UG research opportunity is part of a larger project funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).

Students with URM background preferred, in order for the student(s) to get a stipend, totaling up to $8K over the year. Students with strong technical background and progress in the project will be also be eligible for a stipend of up to $8K over the year

Click on the link for more information:

Or reguardingthe project!


Applications open for Welcome Weekend Leader!

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We are currently accepting applications for the 2023 Welcome Weekend Leader position. Welcome Weekend Leaders welcome and assist new students as they begin their UB journey in August.

Welcome Weekend Leaders have the opportunity to share their unique UB stories with the incoming class and make an impact at the start of their college journey by showing new students that they are supported; they can find others who share their identities, goals, and passions; and they matter and belong.

Begin your semester:

  • Helping new students transition to UB
  • Develeoping your leadership skills
  • Making unforgettable memories
  • Facilitating new student programs from August 23-28

You can view a full position description by clicking here

Apply for the 2023 Welcome Weekend Leader position by completing this application on UB Linked!

We are accepting applications until March 28, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. 

Learn more about the job at an information session (not required):

  • Tuesday, March 14; 3:00 p.m.; SU 250
  • Wednesday, March 15; 12:00 p.m.; SU 250
  • Wednesday, March 15; 3:00 p.m.; SU 250

Have questions? Need help?! Contact Tommy Linares (


VAW Global Health Alliances Winter 2023-2024 Medical Outreach Trip to Peru

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VAW Global Health Alliances at University at Buffalo is accepting applicants to their WINTER 2023-2024 Medical Outreach trip to Peru. Applicants from all backgrounds and majors who are passionate about learning and collaborating are accepted.

During clinic days interns will gain experience shadowing local physicians, taking vitals and learning about basic pharmacology. There will also be an opportunity to plan an interactive health lesson that will be presented to a classroom of young students. 

This is an intensive two week trip (tentative dates Jan 9-Jan 23) that is extremely valuable for someone who wants to gain insight on healthcare in communities abroad, while also experiencing a new country.

If you are interested please email for more information and an application.

Group me link-