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“A Dreamer’s Journey” A Senior Honors Cabaret by Honors Scholar Kelsey Marlowe Jessup

Posted by Tim on May 11, 2020 in Community Announcements, Event

A Dreamer’s Journey” A Senior Honors Cabaret by Kelsey Marlowe Jessup

Friday, May 15th @ 6pm via Facebook LIVE!

~ Hello Friends, Family, Mentors, and Loved Ones! You are cordially invited to watch my Senior Honors Cabaret called “A Dreamer’s Journey” which I’ll be streaming through Facebook Live on Friday, May 15th at 6pm EDT! This project is one I’ve been creating over the course of my senior year as a collective celebration of my work as a student of the University at Buffalo Honors College and Department of Theatre and Dance. I like to call this piece a “cabaret play” as it is a script that I wrote entirely in poetic verse that ties together renowned music theatre songs that I’m currently adding to my repertoire. The work tells the story of a young girl named Marlowe who goes on a quest to find the key to life. Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering: What other characters will she meet on her journey? What familiar music theatre songs will pave her path? WILL SHE FIND THE KEY?! Tune in to find out!