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Additional Section Open of UBE110: Intro to Peer Education Fall 2021

Posted by Tim on August 10, 2021 in Academics, Community Announcements

I’m writing to share that we have added an additional section of UBE110: Intro to Peer Education. This course focuses on teaching the Certified Peer Educator (CPE) curriculum through the Health, Safety & Well-Being Initiatives of NASPA.  The course book includes the national certification exam costs, totaling under $30.

Two sections of the course are offered this spring in a synchronous remote format, instructed by UB Health Promotion staff:

  • Tuesdays (Reg. #16636) 12:45-2:25 p.m.
  • Wednesdays (Reg. #12988) 1:50-3:30 p.m.

The CPE curriculum helps peer educators develop leadership skills to be able to successfully create and implement campus programs. The CPE training is eight modules covering topics such as the role of peer education, helping peers make a behavior change, listening skills, response and referral skills, how to take action and intervene, recognizing the role of diversity and inclusivity, programming and presentation skills, self-care, and group dynamics.

The sexual violence prevention curriculum covers topics including an introduction to power, privilege and oppression, sexual violence prevention, social constructs, healthy relationships, bystander intervention and responding to sexual violence.

This class is designed to allow students to not only get an academic understanding of peer education but also to put that understanding into action by participating in campus-based sexual violence prevention initiatives. Additionally, at the conclusion of this class students will be able to take the national Certified Peer Educator exam to become nationally certified peer educators, and become eligible for internships within UB’s Health Promotion office.