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Apply for a 2022 Alternative Break Trip!

Posted by Tim on October 25, 2021 in Volunteering, Volunteers Needed

What is an Alternative Break Trip? Alternative Break programs let you volunteer, perform community service and have unique learning opportunities during your winter break or spring break. By spending time immersed in a community, you’ll learn about your role as a global citizen, make new friends and connections, and discover how you can become an agent of change. After your trip, you’ll be able to share the lessons you learned with your local community, and continue to lead a life of active citizenship. Hear from a past participant HERE!

Who Can Go? Any UB student can apply for the Alternative Break program. Each Alternative Break trip typically has 8-15 student participants, two student Team Leaders and two Staff Advisers.

What is the program schedule? Throughout the week, each team will participate in multiple half days of service (typically mornings) and then a half day of tourism, exploration and team building. In the evening there will be group meals and nightly reflections. You must commit to participating in the entire trip.

2022 Trips

·         Poverty Alleviation, March 21 –  March 25, 2022

·         Civic Engagement, March 21 –  March 25, 2022

·         Environmental Justice, March 21 –  March 25, 2022

Application and Selection Process: There is one application for all of our Alternative Break trips. You can find the application on UBLinked under Student Engagement’s forms section. Your application is complete when you submitted the form and provided the name and contact information of one (1) reference. Applications can also be submitted using the following link:

Application Questions include general background information as well as:

·         Why do you want to participate in an Alternative Break trip? What do you hope to gain from the experience?

·         What can you contribute to this experience?  Please describe the role you play in a group/on a team.

·         UB is a global university that values experiential learning and diverse perspectives. If selected, how would you bring what you learn back to the UB and/or the Buffalo community? 

Selection Process:

·         Team Leaders will review applications

·         Applicants will be offered a short 20-30 minute interview with our Alternative Break Team Leaders ( 2 students who have participate in a trip before)

·         Team Leaders will select their teams!

All applications are due by November 5, 2021 at 12pm!

Questions? Email!