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Carnegie Mellon QuizBowl Opportunity

Posted by Tim on March 8, 2021 in Competitions, Event

I write to you in your capacity as the Carnegie Mellon Honors Program coordinator at the University of Buffalo to invite your students to compete at our Spring Novice Collegiate Quizbowl Tournament, which will be hosted online by Carnegie Mellon University on Saturday, March 27. This tournament will feature both morning and afternoon rounds of competition between teams of students from local universities and will be conducted entirely online. 

Quizbowl is a bit like a team version of the TV show Jeopardy! (most big winners on the show have been quizbowl players) with more academically rigorous questions. Teams of students from colleges around the world compete to buzz-in to answer tossup questions and then collaborate to answer bonus questions across a wide variety of topics, from Literature and History to Science and the Fine Arts. You can see a sample round of questions here

Any intellectually curious students or trivia fans would likely enjoy playing quizbowl (many may have played similar competitions in high school) and the collegiate quizbowl community would love to welcome new teams and players. Please let me know if you think there might be interest at University of Buffalo to send a team or two to our event or if you have any questions about quizbowl!

Feel free to forward this email on to anyone that you think might be interested, including students interested in competing or a faculty/staff member interested in helping to organize a team

Thank you,

Gabriel Chuang

Carnegie Mellon University Quizbowl