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Chinese, Spanish, French and Italian Proficiency Exam Information

Posted by Tim on October 11, 2021 in Academics, Community Announcements

We would appreciate it if you can remind students that those interested in studying Chinese, French, Italian and/or Spanish at UB for the first time must take the Avant PLACE exam before they can register in the courses.   

For more information and for registration, please visit: 


French, Italian, Spanish:

Brief overview:

The exam is intended for students who:

·         studied Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish in a classroom, or other formal setting,

·         used Chinese, French, Italian, Kreyol, or Spanish at home

·         lived in a place where Chinese, French, Italian, Kreyol, or Spanish was widely spoken

           have transferred courses that were articulated as NOC or 999

The exam is not intended for students who:

·         have never studied the language they plan to take at UB ( these students will start with 101),

·         have transferred college coursework or alternative exam credit that has been articulated to a UB course/s (see TAURUS for articulations, these students will           continue with the next level up in proficiency),

·         are repeating a course to improve their grade

          have already completed language courses at UB 

When to take the test?   Before the student’s registration window for the semester in which they plan to take the course.  Students should register and take the test soon thereafter in one seating.   

When will the students know their placement? The test takes 3-7 busines days to be corrected.  Once we receive the results, we upload them into HUB and the students will receive an email with their results to their UB email account (not on weekends).  

Results may be delayed in posting if students do not follow the instructions, in particular,  they must only use their correct UB Person Number as log on and UB Email for communicating results.

Where can students and/or advisors see the results?  The results can be seen in HUB (Admissions Tab together with all other test results) and in Navigate once the results are uploaded into HUB.

Can they repeat the test?  No

Please note:  1) the test is for active UB students only, 2) the test is not a proficiency test, 3) the test does not grant any college level credits.