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CSEP Counseling Minor New Classes Spring 2020

Posted by Tim on November 22, 2019 in Academics, Registration and Seminar Information

New Course Offerings in the Undergraduate Minor in Counseling. The
Counseling Minor is appropriate for undergraduate students who may be interested in careers in professional psychology (counseling psychology, clinical psychology, or school psychology), counseling (school counseling, rehabilitation counseling, mental health counseling), or related fields such as social work or nursing.
For more information on the Counseling Minor please visit:

This Spring, we are offering several new courses designed to provide a more in depth view into several counseling and psychology fields.

New courses:
CEP 411: Current Issues in School Counseling (Parisi) registration number is 24252
CEP 411: Current Issues in Counseling Psychology (Mack) registration number is 24253
CEP 411: Current Issues in Mental Health Counseling (Guyker) registration number is
CEP 411: Introduction to Mindfulness (Guyker) registrar number is 23537
CEP 440: Introduction to School Psychology (Tulledge) registration number is 22602
In addition, several other courses are also available:
CEP 400: Introduction to Educational Psychology registration number is 24251
CEP 404: Introduction to Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse registration number is
CEP 453: Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling registration number is 19321