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Graduate Assistant (GA) Position Opening

Posted by Tim on May 4, 2018 in Job Opportunity

Graduate Assistant (GA) Job Description

Job Type: Full Time
Hours/week: 20 (represents full-time for GA positions), specific hours to be arranged.
Term: Appointed on a semester-by-semester basis, successful applicants will receive consideration for Academic year and summer appointments. Applicants should be available during summer or other school breaks.
Department: University Honors College
Campus Location: University Honors College, 106 Capen Hall, North Campus
Biweekly Salary: $650 (Gross)

Application Instructions

Send a brief cover letter and resume via email to:
Karyn St. George
Administrative Director
University Honors College
106 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Fax: 716-645-3368

Submission Deadline

Applications must be received by 5pm on June 15, 2018