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Honors College Statement on New S/U Grading Policy for spring 2020

Posted by Tim on April 6, 2020 in Honors Program Announcements

Honors College message about new 2020 S/U grading policy:

The Honors College will not require students to receive or recover letter grades in order to meet Honors College GPA eligibility requirements (3.3 overall undergraduate UB GPA freshman year; 3.5 overall undergraduate UB GPA sophomore year through graduation). At the conclusion of the spring 2020 semester we will evaluate all Honors students based on their overall undergraduate UB GPA. At this time will be very mindful of the unprecedented situation and its potential impact on students’ academic performance.

If you are concerned about grades or need support, particularly during this difficult time, please contact your Honors College advisor; we are available and more than willing to help.

Here is a website with more details about the new 2020 S/U grading policy and other important student-related information. It is updated regularly, so please bookmark the site and refer to it often: