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Honors Differential Equations to be offered Fall 2021

Posted by Tim on May 24, 2021 in Academics, Honors Experiences

I want to bring your attention to the following new course offered by the math department which REPLACES MTH 306 (Intro to Differential Equations).

***NEW COURSE:  MTH 326 – Honors Differential Equations***

Instructor: Barbara Prinari

Lecture: TR 9:35AM – 10:50AM in person

This course covers the same content as MTH 306 – Differential Equations, but in a smaller course setting (max 45 students) and with more of an emphasis on concepts and underlying theory.  Class notes will be available ahead of time on UBLearns, and additional problem sessions will be offered weekly (time to be determined, remote in real-time with recordings posted).

Please feel free to reach out to Barbara Prinari – – if you have any question about the course.

I hope to see you in Fall!