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LAI 410 Literacy, Access and Equity: Embracing Diversity to Enrich Our Community Open Seats Fall 2018

Posted by Tim on August 17, 2018 in Academics, Honors Experiences, Tutoring, Volunteering, Volunteers Needed

This new literacy and culture mentorship course was featured in UB Now and WBFO radio! This experimental learning course provides UB students with an opportunity to engage with school aged children in grades


This hands-on mentorship course is designed to have UB students participate in supporting basic reading and writing skills within the learning domains of multilingual newcomer students in the Buffalo Public School District. The practicum experience is built in one-on-one or small group intervention sessions.

The course is designed to meet intermittingly on-campus and off-site in an elementary Buffalo public school on a weekly basis.

Earn course credit while embracing an on-site mentorship in reading, writing, and speaking with multicultural and multilingual students!

Why Take this Course?

UB students will find this mentorship practicum course to be a very rewarding experience.

“I love working with them,” says Amanda Lomber in UB Now, a UB student in the culture and literacy course, who explained that she wanted something in her UB coursework that went beyond the routine university classroom setting.

Who Can Take this Course?

This course is most appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines.

Course Reg. # 24642

Semester: Fall, 2018

Days and Times

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:50 AM

Location: Park 152Course Delivery

  • On and off campus

This course meets on-campus and off- campus at Buffalo Elementary School of Technology.


Christiana Kfouri


Contact Information

LAI Department

Baldy Hall
North Campus