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New ES Thematic Pathway Course Being Offered This Spring

Posted by Tim on November 30, 2022 in Academics, Online Courses

ES 230 Social Ecological Perspectives on Physical Activity & Exercise – 3 credits

This course will discuss the sociocultural and psychological factors that influence physical activity behaviors in the United States and across the world. Students will explore the social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental factors that impact physical activity and exercise using a social science lens. Students will gain a global perspective of the health disparities associated with physical activity and explore strategies for increasing physical activity across the lifespan.

Meeting pattern: Hybrid, meets in-person on Wednesdays from 11-11:50 am on South campus. The online component is asynchronous.

This course is open to non-ES majors and is an approved pathway course. It is in List 2 of the following Thematic Pathway Topics: Environments, Technologies & Policy and Health, Sexuality and Society.