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New Indigenous Studies Minor and Fall 2022 Courses

Posted by Tim on June 17, 2022 in Academics, New Programs

The Department of Indigenous Studies will offer an undergraduate minor, effective in Fall 2022. The minor provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Indigenous Studies. Our approach to learning centers Indigenous experiences in regional, national and international contexts through exposure to course work on Indigenous knowledge systems, land-based learning, history, politics, languages, gender, media representation, Indigenous- settler relations, literature and art.

The IDS minor will require a total of at least 18 credits and 3 tracks will be offered:

  • General Indigenous Studies Track
  • Haudenosaunee Language Track
  • Land-Based Learning Track

The Department of Indigenous Studies will administer the program.  I will be providing academic advising to minor students. Please email me for more information: Amanda Casali

Additionally, IDS has release a complete list of our Fall 2022 courses (IDS, TUS, MOH), attached is a pdf flyer to share with students.

  • IDS 100 – Indigenous Learning Community (1cr.) – This is a learning community  geared towards incoming Indigenous and IDS Minor students to find community of a large campus, check in weekly, and navigate their college experience, using cultural responsive and traditional Indigenous teachings methods to promote student success.
  • IDS 101 – Intro to Indigenous Studies (3 cr.)
  • IDS 103 – Intro to Haudenosaunee Language and Culture (3 cr.)
  • IDS 104 – Intro to Land-Based Learning (3 cr.)
  • IDS 204 – Indigenous Enviromental Justice (3 cr.)
  • IDS 231 – Survey of Indigenous History (3 cr.)
  • IDS 310 – Special Topics – Afro-Indigeneity, Anti-Blackness, & Decolonization (3 cr.)
  • MOH 101 – Intro to Mohawk Language (4 cr.)
  • TUS 101 – Intro to Tuscarora Language (4 cr.)