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Now Hiring Orientation Leaders for Summer 2021

Posted by Tim on March 8, 2021 in Community Announcements, Job Opportunity, Networking, Student Job Opportunities

OTPP is currently accepting applications for Orientation Leaders (OLs). I’m hoping you will send the included message/attachment to your colleagues, to students/student groups with whom you work, and/or over student listservs you manage to help us recruit great students for the position. This announcement on UBLinked provides all of the information in a condensed, easy to share format. Below, I’ve also included a longer message that you can edit to share through your channels.

In addition to any group communications, please consider individually reaching out to any stellar honors students that you know and could see as a good fit for the role. Your personal encouragement could make the difference in a student choosing to apply and helping us have a staff that can speak on a breadth of resources on campus. If you’d like to nominate a student to apply for OTPP to directly reach out to, you can fill out this Google form for some additional encouragement!

Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks in advance for your support and assistance in recruitment! 

Happy Wednesday!


Val Luutran (she/her) What is this?

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