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Open Exercise Science Courses-ES 120 Kettle Bell Techniques and ES 461 Principles of Coaching

Posted by Tim on August 26, 2019 in Academics

ES 120 Kettle Bell Techniques (1 cr.): This hands on course teaches the basic techniques for classic kettle bell movements like the swing and advanced movements like olympic style kettle bell lifts.  This has been a very popular course with experienced and inexperienced lifters alike.  Kettle bells are a great tool for both patient rehab and strength and conditioning.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts.  Section A is Monday at 10 AM and Section B meets Monday at 6 PM.

ES 461 Principles of Coaching (3 cr., online): This course examines the theories and principles of effective coaching, including philosophy, ethics, strategies, team motivation and organization, coach-athlete relationships, practice planning, and the administration of facilities, personnel, and contests. This online course provides great information that will make you a more effective leader in any aspect of your career.

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